Broome 1910

Broome 1910


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The 24 photographs in the Trotman-Norman collection have an impeccable provenance, and are a photographic record of the days in August 1910 when WH Trotman, a Fremantle engineer, was the guest of Hugh Davis Norman for the three days in Broome whilst SS Charon was loading cargo at the Mangrove Point jetty. The photographic essay begins as Charon is mooring and continues across the town “from the jetty to the jetty”. Streeters jetty was at the axle for the pearling industry, the town centre at the junction of Short Street and Dampier Terrace where there was a branch line for the train. Shell sheds stretched along the Broome Creek side of the Terrace, a terrace in name only, watered twice daily to keep down the dust. There was no time to sail to Beagle Bay to inspect Robison & Norman’s lay-up camp and shipyard which was the base for their 28 boats and 199 crew. This snapshot of the town in 1910 has been supplemented by other photographs of the period.


GV Norman & JE deB Norman

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