Forty Fathoms Deep

Forty Fathoms Deep


Forty Fathoms Deep is part of the story of the pearl seas of north-western Australia. In all but a few instances, I have used names well known in the pearl world of Broome, but have taken care not to hurt susceptibilities. I am conscious I have only gleaned in a field rich with romance. There is material for many books in the adventurous lives of the men who have built up the history and industry of Broome. It is to be hoped that someone more persuasive than I will induce them to sit down and write, or, failing that, sit and talk for the enlightenment and entertainment of fellow Australians.
I am greatly indebted to numerous friends in Broome who have helped me with material and who went to such pains to get for me authentic data.
Ion Idriess

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Pearl divers & sea rovers in Australian seas.

Mr. Idriess reveals to the reader the technique of pearling with him, the reader boards the lugger for the pearling grounds, makes the acquaintance of the skipper and crew, dons the diving dress and descends to the sea floor, sees the wonders of a new and beautiful, fascinating and frightful world, shares the divers’ dangers, gathers the shell, opens it on the lugger, thrills at the sight of baroque and pearls, sells them to the dealer and watches as the rough pearl is transformed by delicate and skilful hands into a thing of exquisite loveliness. – Canberra Times, 1937

His extraordinary thoroughness in inquiry… his almost microscopic accuracy of observation, and his almost poetic gift of natural description – not to speak of narrative power often seen in harmonious combination with this cannot be too often insisted upon as positive and peculiar merits. – Sydney Morning Herald, 1937

About the Author

Ion Idriess (1889—1979) is one of Australia’s best-loved writers, with fifty-six books to his credit and millions of copies sold. When he returned from the First World War he wrote The Desert Column, about his experiences with the 5th Light Horse. Prospecting for Gold was his first major successful work; it immediately sold out and was reprinted constantly in the following years, as were many of his books. Idriess spent much of his life travelling throughout Australia, collecting material for his true-life stories, including Flynn of the Inland, The Red Chief and Nemarluk. He was awarded the O.B.E. in 1968 for his contribution to Australian literature.

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