Kimberley: The End of an Era

Kimberley: The End of an Era


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This is a personal story of an era of Western Australia’s history that should be told, the story of a period of the Kimberley cattle industry that due to so many changes for both indigenous and non-indigenous people, no longer exists. Our family were privileged to own a property that was approximately six hundred and forty-seven thousand hectares in size and running forty thousand cattle. To muster and handle the stock of two stock camps were required with twelve to fourteen riders in each camp. They spent from late March till often into early November continually in the saddle and living in a swag.

Of paramount importance and to be able to work a herd of this size required seven hundred horses and a number of mules. The people who lived and worked in the industry then could only be described as characters, tough, resilient but always ready to step in and help anyone in trouble.

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