The Luggers & Owners database lists pearlers and their vessels from 1913-1926. This information has been transcribed from the Registers of Ships Licensed at the Port of Broome

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YEAR NAMELugger/Schooner NameREF
1913AARONS Maurice LouisExperience49
1913AARONS Maurice LouisMoa50
1914AARONS Maurice LouisMoa548
1913AARONS Maurice LouisPrincess Mary51
1914AARONS Maurice LouisPrincess Mary 549
1920ALEXANDER Charles BBallie 2483
1923ALEXANDER Charles BBallie 2995
1920ALEXANDER Charles BBattler 2475
1921ALEXANDER Charles BBattler 2687
1922ALEXANDER Charles BBattler 2742
1918ALEXANDER Charles BBeryl2038
1919ALEXANDER Charles BBeryl2228
1920ALEXANDER Charles BBeryl2478
1920ALEXANDER Charles BDoric2479
1921ALEXANDER Charles BDoric2651
1922ALEXANDER Charles BDoric2745
1923ALEXANDER Charles BDoric2994
1917ALEXANDER Charles BDoric 893
1918ALEXANDER Charles BDoric 1718
1918ALEXANDER Charles BDoric 2036
1916ALEXANDER Charles BDorothy1497
1918ALEXANDER Charles BDorothy1716
1918ALEXANDER Charles BDorothy2035
1920ALEXANDER Charles BDorothy2427
1921ALEXANDER Charles BDorothy2650
1922ALEXANDER Charles BDorothy2744
1923ALEXANDER Charles BDorothy2993
1920ALEXANDER Charles BE.V.E.2484
1914ALEXANDER Charles BEldorado 422
1913ALEXANDER Charles BEldorado Cate Hypatia166
1920ALEXANDER Charles BFrank2481
1914ALEXANDER Charles BMaggie423
1914ALEXANDER Charles BNarelle424
1913ALEXANDER Charles BPetina165
1914ALEXANDER Charles BPetina421
1918ALEXANDER Charles BPhyllis Olga1717
1915ALEXANDER Charles BPhyllis Olga894
1916ALEXANDER Charles BPhyllis Olga1499
1917ALEXANDER Charles BPhyllis Olga894
1918ALEXANDER Charles BPhyllis Olga2037
1920ALEXANDER Charles BPhyllis Olga2480
1921ALEXANDER Charles BPhyllis Olga2652
1922ALEXANDER Charles BPhyllis Olga2743
1914ALEXANDER Charles BS.P.S.420
1918ALEXANDER Charles BTifera2034
1920ALEXANDER Charles BTifera2476
1921ALEXANDER Charles BTifera2649
1922ALEXANDER Charles BTifera2746
1923ALEXANDER Charles BTifera2992
1920ALEXANDER Charles BWinnie2482
1920ANDREWS Frederick CudmoreDona Frances2281
1921ANDREWS Frederick CudmoreDona Frances2659
1922ANDREWS Frederick CudmoreDona Frances2750
1920ANDREWS Frederick CudmoreIntombi2282
1921ANDREWS Frederick CudmoreIntombi2660
1922ANDREWS Frederick CudmoreIntombi2751
1913ANNEAR BrosNew Moon44
1914ANNEAR BrosNew Moon507
1913ANNEAR BrosSouth New Moon43
1914ANNEAR BrosSouth New Moon506
1913ANTON UlbrickAnnie268
1913ANTON UlbrickCarrie269
1913ANTON UlbrickCleopatra266
1913ANTON UlbrickJanet267
1918ARCHER Emily GertrudeEva1722
1918ARCHER Emily GertrudePeggy1955
1918ARCHER Emily GertrudePeggy1721
1918ARCHER Emily GertrudePeggy1955
1920ARCHER Emily GertrudePeggy2382
1921ARCHER Emily GertrudePeggy2584
1922ARCHER Emily GertrudePeggy2780
1923ARCHER Emily GertrudePeggy3016
1924ARCHER Emily GertrudePeggy3169
1925ARCHER Emily GertrudePeggy3262
1926ARCHER Emily GertrudePeggy3537
1918ARCHER Emily GertrudeRosebud1956
1918ARCHER Emily GertrudeRosebud1720
1918ARCHER Emily GertrudeRosebud1956
1920ARCHER Emily GertrudeRosebud2381
1921ARCHER Emily GertrudeRosebud2585
1918ARCHER Isabel MurielEva1957
1918ARCHER Isabel MurielEva1957
1920ARCHER Isabel MurielEva2352
1921ARCHER Isabel MurielEva2546
1922ARCHER Isabel MurielEva2777
1923ARCHER Isabel MurielEva2926
1924ARCHER Isabel MurielEva3197
1925ARCHER Isabel MurielEva3296
1913ARCHER John MaddenEva178
1913ARCHER John MaddenGerald179
1913ARCHER John MaddenGerald311
1913ARCHER John MaddenRosebud177
1913ARCHER John MaddenRosebud310
1925ARCHER John MilleganRosebud3261
1913ARCHER Thomas AlbertEva309
1913ARCHER Thomas AlbertPeggy257
1913ARCHER Thomas AlbertPeggy308
1916ARCHER Thomas Albert Eva877
1917ARCHER Thomas Albert Eva1442
1916ARCHER Thomas Albert Peggy876
1917ARCHER Thomas Albert Peggy1443
1916ARCHER Thomas Albert Rosebud875
1917ARCHER Thomas Albert Rosebud1441
1913ARUNDEL SherwinHeather Flower137
1914ARUNDEL SherwinHeather Flower360
1913ARUNDEL SherwinLa Mascotte135
1913ARUNDEL SherwinThistle136
1914ARUNDEL SherwinThistle359
1926BAKER Heber Harry BondAmy3519
1923BAKER Heber Harry BondMary2930
1924BAKER Heber Harry BondMary3126
1925BAKER Heber Harry BondMary3278
1925BAKER Heber Harry BondMary3279
1926BAKER Heber Harry BondMary3518
1923BALDOCK Albert ALotalop2942
1924BALDOCK Albert ALotalop3122
1923BALDOCK Albert ANortham2941
1924BALDOCK Albert ANortham3121
1925BALDOCK Albert ANortham1329
1926BALDOCK Albert ANortham3508
1913BALDOCK Albert CoreyYellow Boy307
1913BALDOCK Albert CoreyYellow Boy47
1915BALDOCK Albert CoreyYellow Boy640
1916BALDOCK Albert CoreyYellow Boy1488
1914BALDOCK ErnestNortham400
1913BALDOCK John WilliamLotalop45
1914BALDOCK John WilliamLotalop399
1916BALDOCK John WilliamLotalop1583
1918BALDOCK John WilliamLotalop1701
1918BALDOCK John WilliamLotalop1984
1920BALDOCK John WilliamLotalop2313
1913BALDOCK John WilliamNortham46
1915BALDOCK John WilliamNortham635
1916BALDOCK John WilliamNortham1415
1916BALDOCK John WilliamNortham1582
1920BALDOCK John WilliamNortham2312
1921BALDOCK John WilliamNortham2563
1922BALDOCK John WilliamNortham2853
1918BALDOCK John WilliamNortham 1700
1918BALDOCK John WilliamNortham 1983
1923BARDWELL Beresford EverettRaymond2945
1925BARDWELL Beresford EverettRaymond1333
1923BARDWELL Beresford EverettRosa2944
1924BARDWELL Bernard EverettAwk3220
1925BARDWELL Bernard EverettAwk3335
1926BARDWELL Bernard EverettAwk3630
1920BARDWELL BrosRaymond2468
1921BARDWELL BrosRaymond2637
1922BARDWELL BrosRaymond2771
1921BARDWELL BrosRosa2638
1922BARDWELL BrosRosa2772
1926BARDWELL Mrs MRaymond3558
1923BARKER Bromwell GordonLawrence2920
1913BARNES John & CoDiana122
1913BARNES John & CoDiana336
1920BARNES John & CoDiana2370
1913BARNES John & CoMarguerite Ethel335
1913BARNES John & CoMaisie123
1913BARNES John & CoMaisie337
1920BARNES John & CoMaisie2371
1913BARNES John & CoMarguerite Ethel121
1920BARNES John & CoMarguerite Ethel2369
1913BEAUMONT William AlexanderChantress103
1914BEAUMONT William AlexanderChantress562
1913BEAUMONT William AlexanderRose Petal102
1914BEAUMONT William AlexanderRose Petal563
1913BENNIE Bertram JamesGipsy139
1917BENNIE Bertram JamesKea1677
1917BENNIE Bertram JamesTopsy1678
1915BERTRAND Alexander CharlesDoric 893
1913BEVEREDGE Robert JohnBright Star294
1913BEVEREDGE Robert JohnFlorrie58
1914BEVEREDGE Robert JohnFlorrie392
1915BEVEREDGE Robert JohnFlorrie681
1916BEVEREDGE Robert JohnFlorrie866
1918BEVEREDGE Robert JohnFlorrie1715
1918BEVEREDGE Robert JohnFlorrie1993
1920BEVEREDGE Robert JohnFlorrie2245
1914BEVEREDGE Robert JohnPendano fees
1915BEVEREDGE Robert JohnPenda680
1916BEVEREDGE Robert JohnPenda864
1918BEVEREDGE Robert JohnPenda1924
1918BEVEREDGE Robert JohnPenda1714
1920BEVEREDGE Robert JohnPenda2246
1921BEVEREDGE Robert JohnPenda2572
1922BEVEREDGE Robert JohnPenda2755
1913BLACKMAN Charles HenryAgatha198
1914BLACKMAN Charles HenryAgatha395
1913BLACKMAN Charles HenryEleanor197
1914BLACKMAN Charles HenryEleanor394
1914BLACKMAN Charles HenryFlorrie396
1913BLACKMAN Charles HenryVictory199
1920BLACKMAN Charles Henry Harriet2373
1920BLACKMAN Charles Henry Mildred2387
1921BLACKMAN Charles Henry Mildred2569
1922BLACKMAN Charles Henry Mildred2756
1923BLACKMAN Charles Henry Mildred2904
1913BLACKMAN Gregory Hercules293
1913BLACKMAN Ida LloydBlanche212
1914BLACKMAN Oscar EdwardBlanche588
1913BLACKMAN Oscar EdwardIda Lloyd164
1914BLACKMAN Oscar EdwardIda Lloyd587
1914BLACKMAN Oscar EdwardLassie586
1915BLACKMAN Otto WAgatha732
1916BLACKMAN Otto WAgatha902
1918BLACKMAN Otto WAgatha1898
1918BLACKMAN Otto WAgatha1964
1920BLACKMAN Otto WAgatha2384
1914BLACKMAN Otto WAggie516
1913BLACKMAN Otto WAustralind86
1914BLACKMAN Otto WAustralind519
1916BLACKMAN Otto WAustralind1406
1918BLACKMAN Otto WAustralind1842
1918BLACKMAN Otto WAustralind1967
1920BLACKMAN Otto WAustralind2386
1918BLACKMAN Otto WMina1968
1920BLACKMAN Otto WMina2385
1913BLACKMAN Otto WMinilya85
1914BLACKMAN Otto WMinilya518
1918BLACKMAN Otto WMinilya1841
1918BLACKMAN Otto WMinilya1966
1916BLACKMAN Otto WMinliya1610
1914BLACKMAN Otto WRosef517
1917BLACKMAN Otto WRosef1611
1913BLACKMAN Otto WRosef 84
1915BLACKMAN Otto WRosef 731
1916BLACKMAN Otto WRosef 904
1918BLACKMAN Otto WRosef 1843
1913BLACKMAN Otto WTeddy Volney83
1914BLACKMAN Otto WTeddy Volney520
1916BLACKMAN Otto WTeddy Volney903
1918BLACKMAN Otto WTeddy Volney1840
1918BLACKMAN Otto WTeddy Volney1965
1920BLACKMAN Otto WTeddy Volney2383
1913BLICK PennIntombi30
1914BLICK PennIntombi454
1913BLICK PennKathleen31
1914BLICK PennKathleen453
1923BOURGOIN TheresaDoris Good3065
1924BOURGOIN TheresaDoris Good3170
1925BOURGOIN TheresaDoris Good3343
1926BOURGOIN TheresaDoris Goode3631
1926BOURGOIN TheresaElizabeth3632
1925BOURGOIN TheresaNeptune3344
1922BOURNE Reginald ArthurTanami2849
1923BOURNE Reginald ArthurTanami2976
1924BOURNE Reginald ArthurTanami3237
1925BOURNE Reginald ArthurTanami1332
1926BOURNE Reginald ArthurTanami3621
1913BRILLANTE FabianDon Percival150
1914BRILLANTE FabianDon Percival479
1916BRILLANTE FabianDon Percival911
1918BRILLANTE FabianDon Percival2090
1918BRILLANTE FabianDon Percival1784
1920BRILLANTE FabianDon Percival2489
1913BRILLANTE FabianDon Verona149
1914BRILLANTE FabianDon Verona478
1915BRILLANTE FabianDon Verona654
1916BRILLANTE FabianDon Verona912
1917BRILLANTE FabianDon Verona1634
1918BRILLANTE FabianDon Verona2229
1918BRILLANTE FabianDon Verona1783
1921BRILLANTE FabianDon Verona2558
1916BRILLANTE FabianG.H.R.1428
1918BRILLANTE FabianG.H.R.1896
1920BRILLANTE FabianGeorge2490
1921BRILLANTE FabianGeorge2615
1913BRILLANTE FabianGHR151
1914BRILLANTE FabianGHR480
1918BRILLANTE FabianMary1947
1920BRILLANTE FabianMary2519
1921BRILLANTE FabianMary2560
1916BRILLANTE FabianOlive1427
1918BRILLANTE FabianOlive1785
1918BRILLANTE FabianOlives2259*
1920BRILLANTE FabianOlives2518
1921BRILLANTE FabianOlives2658
1916BRILLANTE FabianSwan1426
1920BRILLANTE FabianVorona2491
1918BRILLANTE FabianWinifred1913
1920BRILLANTE FabianWinifred2488
1921BRILLANTE FabianWinifred2559
1914BROOME PEARLING CoBulletin441
1915BROOME PEARLING CoBulletin682
1916BROOME PEARLING CoBulletin783
1918BROOME PEARLING CoBulletin1711
1918BROOME PEARLING CoBulletin2041
1920BROOME PEARLING CoBulletin2454
1921BROOME PEARLING CoBulletin2550
1922BROOME PEARLING CoBulletin2799
1924BROOME PEARLING CoBulletin3218
1925BROOME PEARLING CoBulletin3330
1926BROOME PEARLING CoBulletin3560
1914BROOME PEARLING CoFoxworthy443
1915BROOME PEARLING CoFoxworthy683
1916BROOME PEARLING CoFoxworthy784
1918BROOME PEARLING CoFoxworthy2042
1918BROOME PEARLING CoFoxworthy1712
1920BROOME PEARLING CoFoxworthy2455
1921BROOME PEARLING CoFoxworthy2551
1922BROOME PEARLING CoFoxworthy2800
1924BROOME PEARLING CoFoxworthy3219
1925BROOME PEARLING CoFoxworthy3331
1926BROOME PEARLING CoFoxworthy3561
1913BURROWS William ThomasMargery338
1913BUTLER William MortimerFremantle48
1914BUTLER William MortimerFremantle398
1916BUTLER William MortimerFremantle878
1917BUTLER William MortimerFremantle1637
1918BUTLER William MortimerFremantle1713
1918BUTLER William MortimerFremantle1978
1920BUTLER William MortimerFremantle2430
1921BUTLER William MortimerFremantle2607
1922BUTLER William MortimerFremantle2854
1923BUTLER William MortimerFremantle2946
1924BUTLER William MortimerFremantle3225
1913BYRNE & CoAda59
1915BYRNE & CoAda641
1913BYRNE & CoClare60
1915BYRNE & CoClare642
1913BYRNE & CoDelaware61
1915BYRNE & CoDelaware643
1913BYRNE & CoEra62
1915BYRNE & CoEra644
1913BYRNE & CoGwendoline52
1913BYRNE & CoRaff63
1915BYRNE & CoRaff645
1922BYRNE JohnAda2895
1923BYRNE JohnAda2723
1924BYRNE JohnAda3157
1925BYRNE JohnAda3306
1926BYRNE JohnAda1382
1918BYRNE JohnAda 1831
1918BYRNE JohnAda 1952
1920BYRNE JohnAda 2447
1918BYRNE JohnAlinora1834
1918BYRNE JohnAlinora1951
1920BYRNE JohnAlinora2450
1922BYRNE JohnAlinora2896
1923BYRNE JohnAlinora2724
1924BYRNE JohnAlinora3156
1925BYRNE JohnAlinora3305
1926BYRNE JohnAlinora1383
1924BYRNE JohnBritannia3158
1925BYRNE JohnBritannia3307
1926BYRNE JohnBritannia1384
1922BYRNE JohnBritannia2900
1918BYRNE JohnClare1830
1918BYRNE JohnClare1948
1920BYRNE JohnClare2448
1921BYRNE JohnClare2601
1922BYRNE JohnClare2897
1923BYRNE JohnClare2726
1924BYRNE JohnClare3153
1925BYRNE JohnClare3302
1926BYRNE JohnClare1385
1918BYRNE JohnClonen1833
1918BYRNE JohnClonen1949
1920BYRNE JohnClonen2449
1921BYRNE JohnClonen2600
1922BYRNE JohnClonen2898
1923BYRNE JohnClonen2727
1924BYRNE JohnClonen 3154
1925BYRNE JohnClonen 3303
1926BYRNE JohnClonen 1386
1924BYRNE JohnIsabel3160
1925BYRNE JohnIsabel3305
1926BYRNE JohnIsabel1387
1924BYRNE JohnKarrakatta3159
1925BYRNE JohnKarrakatta3309
1926BYRNE JohnKarrakatta1388
1918BYRNE JohnQueenslander1953
1918BYRNE JohnRosella1832
1918BYRNE JohnRosella1950
1920BYRNE JohnRosella2451
1921BYRNE JohnRosella2602
1922BYRNE JohnRosella2899
1923BYRNE JohnRosella2725
1924BYRNE JohnRosella3155
1925BYRNE JohnRosella3304
1926BYRNE JohnRosella1389
1913BYRNE John & CoRosella64
1915BYRNE John & CoRosella646
1914BYRNE John & Co Ada457
1916BYRNE John & Co Ada885
1916BYRNE John & Co Alinora1495
1914BYRNE John & Co Clare458
1916BYRNE John & Co Clare886
1916BYRNE John & Co Clonen888
1914BYRNE John & Co Delaware459
1914BYRNE John & Co Era460
1914BYRNE John & Co Raff461
1914BYRNE John & Co Rosella462
1916BYRNE John & Co Rosella887
1914CANARIS BrosWhaleboat Gauges590
1920CAPES Alice MaryEttica2311
1925CAPES Alice MaryEttica1349
1926CAPES Alice MaryEttica3536
1914CAPES Alice MaryExchange499
1916CAPES Alice MaryExchange934
1918CAPES Alice MaryExchange1743
1919CAPES Alice MaryExchange2055
1920CAPES Alice MaryExchange2309
1924CAPES Alice MaryExchange3175
1925CAPES Alice MaryExchange1348
1918CAPES Alice MaryTrixen1744
1919CAPES Alice MaryTrixen2056
1920CAPES Alice MaryTrixen2310
1921CAPES Alice MaryTrixen2640
1922CAPES Alice MaryTrixen2722
1923CAPES Alice MaryTrixen2885
1916CAPES Alice MaryTrixen 997
1915CAPES Alice Mavis BeatriceExchange666
1913CAREY ESTATEDampier291
1914CAREY ESTATEDampierno fees
1914CAREY ESTATEDampier 535
1913CAREY ESTATEOberon290
1914CAREY ESTATEOberonno fees
1914CAREY ESTATEOberon534
1915CAREY ESTATEOberon776
1913CHALLENOR JohnBunbury132
1914CHALLENOR JohnBunbury342
1915CHALLENOR JohnBunbury639
1913CHALLENOR JohnGloria131
1914CHALLENOR JohnGloria343
1915CHALLENOR JohnGloria638
1916CHALLENOR JohnGloria874
1917CHALLENOR JohnGloria1686
1918CHALLENOR JohnGloria1777
1919CHALLENOR JohnGloria2048
1920CHALLENOR JohnGloria 2335
1920CHAMBERLAIN & KENNEDYCoolgardie2357
1913CHAMBERLAIN AlexanderCoolgardie245
1914CHAMBERLAIN AlexanderCoolgardie584
1918CHAMBERLAIN AlexanderCoolgardie2040
1918CHAMBERLAIN AlexanderCoolgardie1839
1913CHAMBERLAIN AlexanderEileen242
1914CHAMBERLAIN AlexanderEileen491
1915CHAMBERLAIN AlexanderEileen703
1918CHAMBERLAIN AlexanderEileen2039
1918CHAMBERLAIN AlexanderEileen1838
1921CHAMBERLAIN AlexanderEileen2670
1922CHAMBERLAIN AlexanderEileen2791
1924CHAMBERLAIN AlexanderEileen3251
1925CHAMBERLAIN AlexanderEileen1334
1913CHAMBERLAIN AlexanderJoe Chamberlain244
1914CHAMBERLAIN AlexanderJoe Chamberlain490
1918CHAMBERLAIN AlexanderJoe Chamberlain1836
1913CHAMBERLAIN AlexanderLeta243
1914CHAMBERLAIN AlexanderLeta492
1915CHAMBERLAIN AlexanderLeta716
1918CHAMBERLAIN AlexanderLeta 1837
1925CHAMBERLAIN AlexanderPenda3267
1916CHAMBERLAIN Alexander Coolgardie1410
1917CHAMBERLAIN Alexander Coolgardie1695
1916CHAMBERLAIN Alexander Eileen927
1917CHAMBERLAIN Alexander Eileen1693
1916CHAMBERLAIN Alexander Joe Chamberlain926
1917CHAMBERLAIN Alexander Joe Chamberlain1696
1916CHAMBERLAIN Alexander Leta 928
1917CHAMBERLAIN Alexander Leta 1694
1926CHAMBERLAIN George CPenda3629
1913CHAMBERLAIN William AugustusConstance182
1913CHAMBERLAIN William AugustusHelena Mena183
1914CHAMERLAIN SydneyHelena Mena583
1913CHAPPLE Amy RoseBella26
1913CHAPPLE Amy RoseNeptune24
1914CHAPPLE Amy RoseNeptune483
1917CHAPPLE Amy RoseNeptune1490
1918CHAPPLE Amy RoseNeptune1786
1919CHAPPLE Amy RoseNeptune2089
1919CHAPPLE Amy RoseRetreat2088
1913CHAPPLE Amy RoseRetreat 25
1914CHAPPLE Amy RoseRetreat 484
1916CHAPPLE Amy RoseRetreat 969
1917CHAPPLE Amy RoseRetreat 1491
1918CHAPPLE Amy RoseRetreat 1787
1922CHAPPLE Ernest HenryMarmont2852
1923CHAPPLE Ernest HenryMarmont3008
1924CHAPPLE Ernest HenryMarmont3083
1925CHAPPLE Ernest HenryMarmont1328
1926CHAPPLE Ernest HenryMarmont3516
1918CHAPPLE Ernest HenryOberon1788
1919CHAPPLE Ernest HenryOberon2083
1916CHARLES BDoric1498
1913CHI JohnAndrewrefused
1913CHILD RobertAfric270
1914CHILD RobertAfric352
1913CHUN Yee AhRosa279
1913CHUN Yee AhSouthern Cross278
1913CHUN Yee AhSwan280
1913CHUN Yee AhSwanrefused
1913CLARK Hannah MatildaTilly211
1914CLARK Hannah MatildaTilly393
1916CLARK Hannah MatildaTilly791
1916CLARK Hannah MatildaTilly791
1917CLARK Hannah MatildaTilly1465
1918CLARK Hannah MatildaTilly1780
1920CLARK Hannah MatildaTilly2306
1921CLARK Hannah MatildaTilly2594
1925CLARK Hannah MatildaVision3277
1915CLARK James & CoAmy756
1915CLARK James & CoAntepolo767
1916CLARK James & CoAntepolo827
1917CLARK James & CoAntepolo1672
1918CLARK James & CoAntepolo1864
1915CLARK James & CoArchina761
1916CLARK James & CoArchina1421
1917CLARK James & CoArchina1667
1915CLARK James & CoAru757
1917CLARK James & CoAru1663
1916CLARK James & CoAru822
1917CLARK James & CoAwang1670
1918CLARK James & CoAwang1866
1916CLARK James & CoAwang late Ivy 826
1915CLARK James & CoBeryl768
1917CLARK James & CoBeryl1673
1916CLARK James & CoBeryl 828
1915CLARK James & CoBulletin752
1917CLARK James & CoCaneele 1662
1918CLARK James & CoCaneele 1869
1916CLARK James & CoCaneele late Amy821
1916CLARK James & CoCedjir late Waratah 818
1915CLARK James & CoColarmie749
1917CLARK James & CoColarmie1676
1918CLARK James & CoColarmie1870
1915CLARK James & CoCrane747
1916CLARK James & CoCrane814
1917CLARK James & CoCrane1654
1915CLARK James & CoEdith 745
1916CLARK James & CoEdith 812
1917CLARK James & CoEdith 1652
1915CLARK James & CoEileen739
1917CLARK James & CoEileen1646
1916CLARK James & CoEileen 806
1915CLARK James & CoEssie736
1916CLARK James & CoEssie804
1917CLARK James & CoEssie1643
1918CLARK James & CoEssie1856
1915CLARK James & CoEsta758
1916CLARK James & CoEsta1404
1917CLARK James & CoEsta1664
1915CLARK James & CoGondolier744
1916CLARK James & CoGondolier811
1917CLARK James & CoGondolier1651
1918CLARK James & CoGondolier1871
1915CLARK James & CoIbis746
1916CLARK James & CoIbis813
1917CLARK James & CoIbis1653
1915CLARK James & CoIsabel741
1916CLARK James & CoIsabel808
1917CLARK James & CoIsabel1648
1918CLARK James & CoIsabel1865
1915CLARK James & CoIvy765
1915CLARK James & CoJean750
1917CLARK James & CoJean1657
1918CLARK James & CoJean1859
1916CLARK James & CoJean 815
1915CLARK James & CoJessie742
1916CLARK James & CoJessie809
1917CLARK James & CoJessie1649
1918CLARK James & CoJessie1863
1916CLARK James & CoJeujui1405
1917CLARK James & CoJeujui1656
1918CLARK James & CoJeujui1868
1915CLARK James & CoKapayapaan759
1916CLARK James & CoKapayapaan823
1917CLARK James & CoKapayapaan1666
1917CLARK James & CoKarang1669
1916CLARK James & CoKarang late Victoria825
1915CLARK James & CoKavite758
1916CLARK James & CoKavite820
1917CLARK James & CoKavite1661
1917CLARK James & CoMackov*1659
1915CLARK James & CoMascotte738
1917CLARK James & CoMascotte1645
1918CLARK James & CoMascotte1861
1917CLARK James & CoMereni1668
1916CLARK James & CoMereni late Osprey 824
1916CLARK James & CoMikon late Seagull 819
1915CLARK James & CoNyoola743
1916CLARK James & CoNyoola810
1917CLARK James & CoNyoola1650
1918CLARK James & CoNyoola1857
1915CLARK James & CoOsprey763
1915CLARK James & CoOuida762
1915CLARK James & CoOurboys740
1916CLARK James & CoOurboys807
1917CLARK James & CoOurboys1647
1918CLARK James & CoOurboys1862
1915CLARK James & CoRuby751
1915CLARK James & CoRuby773
1916CLARK James & CoRuby829
1917CLARK James & CoRuby1674
1917CLARK James & CoRuby1660
1918CLARK James & CoRuby1858
1918CLARK James & CoRuby1897
1916CLARK James & CoRuby 816
1915CLARK James & CoSeagull754
1915CLARK James & CoTanadorphin766
1916CLARK James & CoTanadorphin1422
1917CLARK James & CoTanadorphin1671
1915CLARK James & CoTemplanza760
1916CLARK James & CoTemplanza1420
1917CLARK James & CoTemplanza1666
1917CLARK James & CoToba 1658
1916CLARK James & CoToba late Bulletin817
1915CLARK James & CoVictoria764
1915CLARK James & CoWanetta774
1916CLARK James & CoWanetta830
1917CLARK James & CoWanetta1675
1915CLARK James & CoWaratah 753
1915CLARK James & CoWaterwitch737
1916CLARK James & CoWaterwitch 805
1917CLARK James & CoWaterwitch 1644
1918CLARK James & CoWaterwitch 1860
1915CLARK James & CoWybenia748
1916CLARK James & CoWybenia1419
1917CLARK James & CoWybenia1655
1918CLARK James & CoWybenia1867
1915CLARK John GeorgeNeta615
1915CLARK John GeorgePelican616
1913CLARK John GeorgePet213
1914CLARK John GeorgePet389
1914CLARK John GeorgePet390
1916CLARK John GeorgePet793
1918CLARK KMEmlyn Castle1958
1913CLARK ThomasElsie205
1914CLARK ThomasElsie387
1915CLARK ThomasElsie611
1916CLARK ThomasElsie789
1916CLARK ThomasElsie789
1917CLARK ThomasElsie1460
1918CLARK ThomasElsie1778
1920CLARK ThomasElsie2337
1921CLARK ThomasElsie2589
1922CLARK ThomasElsie2808
1923CLARK ThomasElsie3014
1924CLARK ThomasElsie3135
1925CLARK ThomasElsie3273
1926CLARK ThomasElsie3528
1918CLARK ThomasElsie 1934
1913CLARK ThomasEnid203
1914CLARK ThomasEnid386
1915CLARK ThomasEnid612
1916CLARK ThomasEnid787
1916CLARK ThomasEnid787
1917CLARK ThomasEnid1458
1918CLARK ThomasEnid1899
1918CLARK ThomasEnid1935
1914CLARK ThomasGitana
1921CLARK ThomasH.M.C.2590
1923CLARK ThomasH.M.C.3011
1924CLARK ThomasH.M.C.3136
1925CLARK ThomasH.M.C.3272
1926CLARK ThomasH.M.C.3524
1914CLARK ThomasHelen
1913CLARK ThomasJimmy204
1914CLARK ThomasJimmy384
1915CLARK ThomasJimmy610
1916CLARK ThomasJimmy790
1916CLARK ThomasJimmy790
1917CLARK ThomasJimmy1461
1920CLARK ThomasNeta2340
1921CLARK ThomasNeta2591
1922CLARK ThomasNeta2809
1923CLARK ThomasNeta3012
1924CLARK ThomasNeta3138
1925CLARK ThomasNeta3271
1926CLARK ThomasNeta3527
1913CLARK ThomasPet206
1921CLARK ThomasPet2592
1922CLARK ThomasPet2810
1923CLARK ThomasPet3013
1924CLARK ThomasPet3139
1925CLARK ThomasPet3275
1926CLARK ThomasPet3526
1920CLARK ThomasPet 2341
1913CLARK ThomasPhyllis286
1915CLARK ThomasPhyllis728
1920CLARK ThomasPhyllis2338
1917CLARK ThomasPhyllis 1462
1920CLARK ThomasSwan2339
1921CLARK ThomasSwan2593
1922CLARK ThomasSwan2811
1923CLARK ThomasSwan3015
1924CLARK ThomasSwan3137
1925CLARK ThomasSwan3274
1926CLARK ThomasSwan3525
1918CLARK ThomasTilly1937
1913CLARK ThomasVision202
1914CLARK ThomasVision385
1915CLARK ThomasVision613
1916CLARK ThomasVision788
1916CLARK ThomasVision788
1917CLARK ThomasVision1459
1918CLARK ThomasVision1779
1918CLARK ThomasVision1936
1920CLARK ThomasVision2336
1921CLARK ThomasVision2588
1924CLARK Victor JohnEileen3134
1924CLARK Victor JohnJean3133
1924CLARK Victor JohnJessie3132
1924CLARK, Frederick HughEmlyn Castle3258
1923CLARKE Frederick HughEmlyn Castle2902
1918CLARKE Hannah MatildaEmlyn Castle1958
1915CLARKE Hannah MatildaTilly614
1922CLARKE Hannah MatildaTilly2806
1923CLARKE Hannah MatildaTilly3010
1924CLARKE Hannah MatildaTilly3176
1926CLARKE Hannah MatildaTilly3530
1922CLARKE Hannah MatildaVision2807
1923CLARKE Hannah MatildaVision3009
1924CLARKE Hannah MatildaVision3177
1926CLARKE Hannah MatildaVision3531
1916CLARKE John GeorgeNeta792
1916CLARKE John GeorgeNeta792
1917CLARKE John GeorgeNeta1463
1918CLARKE John GeorgeNeta1938
1916CLARKE John GeorgePet793
1917CLARKE John GeorgePet1464
1918CLARKE John GeorgePet1781
1918CLARKE John GeorgePet1939
1922CLARKE Victor JohnJessie2889
1924CLARKE-HALL Una MayDove3205
1925CLARKE-HALL Una MayDove3270
1922CLARKE-HALL Una MayEric2793
1923CLARKE-HALL Una MayEric3073
1924CLARKE-HALL Una MayEric3201
1924CLARKE-HALL Una MayExperience3204
1924CLARKE-HALL Una MayNeptune3203
1921CLARKE-HALL Una MayZephyr2545
1924CLARKE-HALL Una MayZephyr3202
1920CLARKE-HALL WalterBarbara2494
1920CLARKE-HALL WalterEric2492
1921CLARKE-HALL WalterEric2681
1918CLARKE-HALL WalterExperience2016
1920CLARKE-HALL WalterExperience2498
1921CLARKE-HALL WalterExperience2680
1922CLARKE-HALL WalterExperience2794
1923CLARKE-HALL WalterExperience3070
1920CLARKE-HALL WalterMollie2497
1920CLARKE-HALL WalterMossie2493
1920CLARKE-HALL WalterNeptune2495
1921CLARKE-HALL WalterNeptune2695
1922CLARKE-HALL WalterNeptune2798
1923CLARKE-HALL WalterNeptune3068
1920CLARKE-HALL WalterOberon2514
1921CLARKE-HALL WalterOberon2682
1922CLARKE-HALL WalterOberon2796
1923CLARKE-HALL WalterPenola3072
1920CLARKE-HALL WalterRetreat2496
1920CLARKE-HALL WalterRex2513
1921CLARKE-HALL WalterRex2683
1922CLARKE-HALL WalterRex2797
1923CLARKE-HALL WalterRex3071
1919CLARKE-HALL WalterZephyr2214
1920CLARKE-HALL WalterZephyr2303
1922CLARKE-HALL WalterZephyr2795
1923CLARKE-HALL WalterZephyr3069
1920COCHRANE Walter BevanMyrtle Olga 2434
1913COCKELL James DavisMoa101
1914COCKELL James DavisMoa566
1914COCKELL James DavisMuriel565
1913COLEMAN Cyril EdwardDoric36
1914COLEMAN Cyril EdwardDoric377
1913COLEMAN Cyril EdwardMarguerite35
1914COLEMAN Cyril EdwardMarguerite376
1915COLEMAN Cyril EdwardMarguerite649
1913COLEMAN KateRoebuck 329
1913COLEMAN KateRoebuck 65
1915COLEMAN KateRoebuck 617
1915COLEMAN KateRoebuck 896
1917COLEMAN KateRoebuck 896
1913COLT Walter GilbertAlinora288
1914COLT Walter GilbertAlinora350
1913COLT Walter GilbertGuthrie287
1914COLT Walter GilbertGuthrie349
1915COLT Walter GilbertGuthrie693
1916COLT Walter GilbertGuthrie836
1917COLT Walter GilbertGuthrie1655
1914COLT Walter GilbertHenry351
1913CONGDON Daniel FarmerMinnie284
1914CONGDON Daniel FarmerMinnie564
1913COOKE FredericRefuge285
1914COOKE FredericRefuge375
1915CRAIG Alexander Southern Cross717
1918CRAWFORD ANancy1961
1921CREACH & COBritannia2576
1921CREACH & COKarrakatta2577
1918CREAGH & CoBritannia1920
1920CREAGH & CoBritannia2258
1922CREAGH & CoBritannia2728
1918CREAGH & CoKarrakatta1919
1920CREAGH & CoKarrakatta2259
1922CREAGH & CoKarrakatta2729
1915CROSS & ULBRICHBintang Putch727
1914CROSS Herbert StephanBintang Putch595
1916CROSS Herbert StephanElsie Good1436
1918CROSS Herbert StephanElsie Good1773
1918CROSS Herbert StephanElsie Good1905
1920CROSS Herbert StephanElsie Good2379
1925CROSS Herbert StephanElsie Good3329
1916CROSS Herbert StephanFanny1435
1916CROSS Herbert StephanFanny 965
1918CROSS Herbert StephanLexy2038
1920CROSS Herbert StephanLexy2377
1922CROSS Herbert StephanLexy2858
1923CROSS Herbert StephanLexy3007
1924CROSS Herbert StephanLexy3229
1925CROSS Herbert StephanLexy3327
1916CROSS Herbert StephanLexy 964
1916CROSS Herbert StephanLexy 1434
1918CROSS Herbert StephanMoa1902
1921CROSS Herbert StephanMoa2555
1925CROSS Herbert StephanMoa3324
1926CROSS Herbert StephanMoa3598
1918CROSS Herbert StephanMoa 1770
1916CROSS Herbert StephanMoana966
1920CROSS Herbert StephanNod2374
1916CROSS Herbert StephanNWD1431
1920CROSS Herbert StephanPrincess Mary2375
1922CROSS Herbert StephanPrincess Mary2856
1925CROSS Herbert StephanPrincess Mary3325
1926CROSS Herbert StephanPrincess Mary3599
1916CROSS Herbert StephanPrincess Mary 962
1916CROSS Herbert StephanPrincess Mary 1432
1918CROSS Herbert StephanPrincess Mary 1771
1918CROSS Herbert StephanPrincess Mary 1903
1918CROSS Herbert StephanQueen1906
1920CROSS Herbert StephanQueen2376
1922CROSS Herbert StephanQueen2857
1923CROSS Herbert StephanQueen3006
1925CROSS Herbert StephanQueen3326
1916CROSS Herbert StephanQueen 963
1916CROSS Herbert StephanQueen 1433
1918CROSS Herbert StephanSalatuad1772
1918CROSS Herbert StephanSalatuad1904
1920CROSS Herbert StephanSalatuad2378
1921CROSS Herbert StephanSalatuad2647
1926CROSS Herbert StephanSalatuad
1913DAVIES ArthurDaphne27
1914DAVIES ArthurEmlyn Castle585
1922DAVY Charles John BWarrawing2860
1923DAVY Charles John BWarrawing2931
1924DAVY Charles John BWarrawing3181
1925DAVY Charles John BWarrawing3268
1926DAVY Charles John BWarrawing3529
1914DAWSON ThomasPhyllis450
1913DEAN Simon KaralisBecky274
1913DEAN Simon KaralisBecky274
1914DEAN Simon KaralisBecky558
1916DEAN Simon KaralisBecky892
1916DEAN Simon KaralisBecky892
1918DEAN Simon KaralisBecky1823
1918DEAN Simon KaralisBecky1941
1920DEAN Simon KaralisBecky2256
1915DEAN Simon KaralisBecky 631
1913DEAN Simon KaralisGitana273
1913DEAN Simon KaralisGitana273
1914DEAN Simon KaralisGitana559
1915DEAN Simon KaralisGitana630
1916DEAN Simon KaralisGitana891
1916DEAN Simon KaralisGitana891
1918DEAN Simon KaralisGitana1824
1918DEAN Simon KaralisGitana1940
1920DEAN Simon KaralisGitana2255
1921DEAN Simon KaralisGitana2539
1922DEAN Simon KaralisGitana2702
1923DEAN Simon KaralisGitana2932
1913DEAN Simon KaralisSpinifex
1913DEEMING William WyattKim157
1913DEEMING William WyattRaymond156
1913DETHICK Henry Bounce275
1913DETHICK Henry Bounce275
1926DEUTCHSMAN James HenryNeptune3622
1914DICK Samuel HenryMikado412
1913DONALDSON DavidAmy138
1914DONNES John MiltonLa Mascotte547
1920DREW Charles HerbertEmlyn Castle2263
1921DREW Charles HerbertEmlyn Castle2541
1922DREW Charles HerbertEmlyn Castle2764
1913DYSON David LeslieAndrew292
1920DYSON David LeslieAurora2473
1921DYSON David LeslieAurora2624
1922DYSON David LeslieAurora2736
1923DYSON David LeslieAurora2977
1920DYSON David LeslieCurlew2474
1919DYSON David LeslieJoe Chamberlain2231
1920DYSON David LeslieJoe Chamberlain2470
1922DYSON David LeslieJoe Chamberlain2734
1923DYSON David LeslieJoe Chamberlain2979
1920DYSON David LeslieLeta2470
1921DYSON David LeslieLeta2625
1919DYSON David LeslieLeta 2230
1919DYSON David LeslieNorma2232
1920DYSON David LeslieNorma2472
1922DYSON David LeslieNorma2735
1923DYSON David LeslieNorma2978
1916DYSON David Leslie
1913DYSON George Henry Asahi76
1914DYSON George Henry Asahi537
1915DYSON George Henry Asahi674
1913DYSON George Henry Donna Frances78
1914DYSON George Henry Donna Frances536
1915DYSON George Henry Donna Frances673
1913DYSON George Henry Malena75
1914DYSON George Henry Malena538
1920ELLERY & SEARLEEurus2280
1921ELLERY & SEARLEEurus2619
1913ELLERY RobertDorothy299
1913ELLERY RobertDorothy15
1913ELLERY RobertTui16
1913ELLERY RobertTui 300
1913ELLIES Thomas BastianHelen272
1913ELLIES Thomas BastianHelen272
1914ELLIES Thomas BastianHelen
1914ELLIES Thomas BastianHelen
1918ELLIES Thomas BastianHelen1901
1918ELLIES Thomas BastianHelen 1822
1923ELLIES Thomas Bastian Galle2877
1924ELLIES Thomas Bastian Galle3076
1925ELLIES Thomas Bastian Galle3260
1926ELLIES Thomas Bastian Galle1355
1914ELLIES Thomas Bastian Helen523
1915ELLIES Thomas Bastian Helen677
1916ELLIES Thomas Bastian Helen1423
1917ELLIES Thomas Bastian Helen895
1920ELLIES Thomas Bastian Helen2242
1921ELLIES Thomas Bastian Helen2525
1922ELLIES Thomas Bastian Helen2700
1915ELLIES Thomas Bastian Helen 895
1916ELLIES Thomas Bastian Oberonrefused
1913EVERETT Frederick ABulletin4
1917EVERETT Frederick ABulletin1612
1923EVERETT Frederick ABulletin2997
1913EVERETT Frederick AFoxworthy5
1917EVERETT Frederick AFoxworthy1613
1923EVERETT Frederick AFoxworthy2998
1913EVERETT Frederick AMoana6
1914FENTON & BOURNETanami447
1918FENTON & BOURNETanami1707
1918FENTON & BOURNETanami1991
1920FENTON & BOURNETanami2304
1921FENTON & BOURNETanami2564
1914FENTON Joseph CharlesGladys late Black Boy448
1913FENTON Joseph CharlesTanami29
1916FENTON Joseph CharlesTanami1470
1913FERGUSON AndrewArafura326
1918FERGUSON AndrewArafura1740
1913FERGUSON AndrewNiobe134
1913FERGUSON AndrewNiobe325
1918FERGUSON AndrewNiobe1739
1920FERGUSON Andrew Arafura2308
1921FERGUSON Andrew Arafura2570
1922FERGUSON Andrew Arafura2817
1923FERGUSON Andrew Arafura2894
1920FERGUSON Andrew Niobe2307
1921FERGUSON Andrew Niobe2571
1922FERGUSON Andrew Niobe2818
1923FERGUSON Andrew Niobe2893
1916FERGUSON William EricBiddy917
1917FERGUSON William EricBiddy1691
1914FERGUSON William EricGould348
1921FLEMING Alexander TaylorJohn de Baun2686
1922FLEMING Alexander TaylorJohn de Baun2739
1923FLEMING Alexander TaylorJohn de Baun2923
1924FLEMING Alexander TaylorJohn de Baun3256
1913FRANCIS GeorgeDominion241
1914FRANCIS GeorgeDominion495
1916FRANCIS GeorgeDominion1413
1917FRANCIS GeorgeDominion1468
1918FRANCIS GeorgeDominion1775
1918FRANCIS GeorgeDominion1914
1913FRANCIS GeorgeEmpire240
1914FRANCIS GeorgeEmpire496
1914FRANCIS GeorgeEmpire498
1915FRANCIS GeorgeEmpire604
1916FRANCIS GeorgeEmpire883
1916FRANCIS GeorgeEmpire883
1917FRANCIS GeorgeEmpire1469
1918FRANCIS GeorgeEmpire1916
1913FRANCIS GeorgeIris238
1913FRANCIS GeorgeIris276
1917FRANCIS GeorgeIris1466
1918FRANCIS GeorgeIris1917
1914FRANCIS GeorgeMyrtle Olga497
1915FRANCIS GeorgeMyrtle Olga605
1917FRANCIS GeorgeMyrtle Olga1467
1913FRANCIS GeorgeMyrtle Olga 239
1916FRANCIS GeorgeMyrtle Olga 884
1916FRANCIS GeorgeMyrtle Olga 884
1918FRANCIS GeorgeMyrtle Olga 1776
1918FRANCIS GeorgeMytle Olga1915
1925FRANCIS George Annie3284
1920FRANCIS George Empire2273
1921FRANCIS George Empire2552
1922FRANCIS George Empire2769
1923FRANCIS George Empire2891
1924FRANCIS George Empire3162
1925FRANCIS George Empire3283
1926FRANCIS George Empire3619
1922FRANCIS George Idaho3075
1924FRANCIS George Idaho3130
1925FRANCIS George Idaho3285
1926FRANCIS George Idaho3616
1920FRANCIS George Iris2272
1921FRANCIS George Iris2553
1922FRANCIS George Iris2768
1923FRANCIS George Iris2890
1924FRANCIS George Iris3161
1925FRANCIS George Iris3282
1926FRANCIS George Iris3618
1926FRANCIS George Veronica3617
1913FRANCK Paul FrederickS.P.S.28
1914FREDERICK MarcelinoLois*513
1913FREDERICK MarcelinoSwan late Thistle514
1914FREDERICK MarcelinoSwan late Thistle514
1915FREDERICK MarcelinoSwan late Thistle608
1915FREDERICK MarcelinoSwan late Thistle609
1920FRENEY Martin RichardBella2522
1918FRENEY Martin RichardCora1763
1916FRENEY Martin RichardDelaware909
1917FRENEY Martin RichardDelaware1451
1918FRENEY Martin RichardDelaware1762
1918FRENEY Martin RichardDelaware1927
1920FRENEY Martin RichardDelaware2362
1916FRENEY Martin RichardDiangen907
1917FRENEY Martin RichardDiangen1448
1918FRENEY Martin RichardDiangen1761
1918FRENEY Martin RichardDiangen1925
1920FRENEY Martin RichardDiangen2360
1921FRENEY Martin RichardDiangen2698
1920FRENEY Martin RichardElizabeth2359
1917FRENEY Martin RichardEra1450
1918FRENEY Martin RichardEra1928
1920FRENEY Martin RichardEra2363
1916FRENEY Martin RichardEva/Thistle910
1917FRENEY Martin RichardLeo1453
1918FRENEY Martin RichardLeo1765
1918FRENEY Martin RichardLeo1930
1920FRENEY Martin RichardLeo2365
1921FRENEY Martin RichardLeo2699
1916FRENEY Martin RichardRaff908
1917FRENEY Martin RichardRaff1449
1918FRENEY Martin RichardRaff1760
1918FRENEY Martin RichardRaff1926
1920FRENEY Martin RichardRaff2361
1921FRENEY Martin RichardRaff2697
1917FRENEY Martin RichardThistle1452
1918FRENEY Martin RichardThistle1764
1918FRENEY Martin RichardThistle1929
1920FRENEY Martin RichardThistle2364
1914GODDARD HarrySalatuad582
1920GOLDIE Lewis JohnMinilya2271
1921GOLDIE Lewis JohnMinilya2694
1924GOLDIE Lewis JohnNiobe3117
1925GOLDIE Lewis JohnPhaidra3293
1926GOLDIE Lewis JohnPhaidra1381
1920GOLDIE Lewis JohnRosef2270
1921GOLDIE Lewis JohnRosef2684
1922GOLDIE Lewis JohnRosef 2844
1923GOLDIE Lewis JohnRosef 2961
1924GOLDIE Lewis JohnRosef 3120
1925GOLDIE Lewis JohnTheseus3288
1926GOLDIE Lewis JohnTheseus 1376
1925GOLDIE Louis JohnAethra3289
1926GOLDIE Louis JohnAethra1377
1924GOLDIE Louis JohnArafura3119
1925GOLDIE Louis JohnArchina3291
1926GOLDIE Louis JohnArchina1379
1923GOLDIE Louis JohnDona Elsie2960
1924GOLDIE Louis JohnDona Elsie3116
1925GOLDIE Louis JohnHelen of Troy3292
1926GOLDIE Louis JohnHelen of Troy1380
1925GOLDIE Louis JohnHippolyte3290
1926GOLDIE Louis JohnHippolyte1378
1922GOLDIE Louis JohnMinilya2845
1923GOLDIE Louis JohnMinilya2959
1924GOLDIE Louis JohnMinilya3118
1914GOLDSTEIN NathanSouthern Cross353
1913GOLMER GrahamTeddy 87
1913GONZALES RoseAquinaldo97
1913GONZALES AntonioAwk175
1914GONZALES AntonioAwk401
1915GONZALES AntonioAwk714
1918GONZALES AntonioAwk1922
1920GONZALES AntonioAwk2314
1922GONZALES AntonioAwk2703
1923GONZALES AntonioAwk2901
1918GONZALES AntonioDona Elsie1923
1918GONZALES AntonioDona Elsie1821
1913GONZALES AntonioMaori176
1914GONZALES AntonioMaori402
1915GONZALES AntonioMaori715
1920GONZALES James JosephBonnie Lassie2302
1922GONZALES James JosephBonnie Lassie2873
1923GONZALES James JosephBonnie Lassie3032
1924GONZALES James JosephBonnie Lassie3189
1925GONZALES James JosephBonnie Lassie3369
1926GONZALES James JosephBonnie Lassie3554
1917GONZALES James JosephBonnie Lassie 1697 see note
1918GONZALES James JosephBonnie Lassie 1873
1918GONZALES James JosephBonnie Lassie 1954
1913GONZALES RoseAquinaldo317
1915GONZALES RoseAquinaldo650
1916GONZALES RoseAquinaldo914
1918GONZALES RoseAquinaldo1962
1918GONZALES RoseAquinaldo1768
1920GONZALES RoseAquinaldo2453
1913GONZALES RoseBonnie Lassie95
1913GONZALES RoseBonnie Lassie318
1915GONZALES RoseBonnie Lassie651
1916GONZALES RoseBonnie Lassie 916
1913GONZALES RoseJoan of Arc96
1913GONZALES RoseJoan of Arc319
1920GONZALES RoseJoan of Arc2453
1915GONZALES RoseJoan of Arc 652
1916GONZALES RoseJoan of Arc 915
1918GONZALES RoseJoan of Arc 1769
1918GONZALES RoseJoan of Arc 1963
1914GRAHAM FrederickTeddy466
1915GRAHAM FrederickTeddy 655
1914GRAHAM Thomas DonaldCulwulla568
1922GREENWOOD Albert ErnestPhil2871
1923GREENWOOD Albert ErnestPhil2952
1924GREENWOOD Albert ErnestPhil3168
1914GREGORY & BLACKMANHercules439
1923GREGORY & COAlbatross2987
1913GREGORY & CoEsther140
1914GREGORY & CoEsther438
1923GREGORY & COEva2990
1923GREGORY & COIbis2989
1915GREGORY & CoIda691
1916GREGORY & CoIda871
1916GREGORY & COIda1592
1920GREGORY & CoIda 2410
1913GREGORY & CoIdelia142
1913GREGORY & CoIdelia144
1914GREGORY & CoIdelia433
1914GREGORY & CoIdelia437
1915GREGORY & CoIdelia688
1916GREGORY & COIdelia1588
1916GREGORY & CoIdelia868
1920GREGORY & CoIdelia2406
1914GREGORY & CoLangdon435
1915GREGORY & CoLangdon690
1916GREGORY & COLangdon1590
1918GREGORY & CoLangdon1851
1918GREGORY & CoLangdon1970
1920GREGORY & CoLangdon2408
1923GREGORY & CoLangdon2982
1913GREGORY & CoLangdon 145
1916GREGORY & CoMean Cate Heathersee p48
1916GREGORY & CoNew Moonsee p48
1913GREGORY & CoPostboy141
1914GREGORY & CoPostboy434
1915GREGORY & CoPostboy689
1916GREGORY & CoPostboy1589
1916GREGORY & CoPostboy869
1918GREGORY & CoPostboy1850
1918GREGORY & CoPostboy1969
1920GREGORY & CoPostboy2407
1921GREGORY & CoPostboy2579
1922GREGORY & CoPostboy2824
1923GREGORY & CoRose Petal2985
1915GREGORY & CoRose Petal 730
1916GREGORY & CoRose Petal 872
1916GREGORY & CoRose Petal 1593
1918GREGORY & CoRose Petal 1853
1916GREGORY & CoSouth New Moon873
1918GREGORY & CoSouth New Moon1854
1913GREGORY & CoStruggler143
1914GREGORY & CoStruggler436
1916GREGORY & CoStruggler870
1916GREGORY & COStruggler1591
1918GREGORY & CoStruggler1852
1918GREGORY & CoStruggler1971
1920GREGORY & CoStruggler2409
1922GREGORY & CoStruggler2825
1923GREGORY & WILSONIdelia2991
1924GREGORY & WILSONIdelia3092
1925GREGORY & WILSONIdelia3397
1926GREGORY & WILSONIdelia3611
1920GREGORY Ancell ClementAlbatross2415
1921GREGORY Ancell ClementAlbatross2583
1922GREGORY Ancell ClementAlbatross2828
1924GREGORY Ancell ClementAlbatross3010
1925GREGORY Ancell ClementAlbatross1306
1926GREGORY Ancell ClementAlbatross3609
1924GREGORY Ancell ClementAurora3102
1925GREGORY Ancell ClementAurora1305
1926GREGORY Ancell ClementAurora3608
1925GREGORY Ancell ClementEmlyn Castle1303
1926GREGORY Ancell ClementEmlyn Castle3606
1922GREGORY Ancell ClementEva2831
1924GREGORY Ancell ClementEva3096
1925GREGORY Ancell ClementEva1309
1926GREGORY Ancell ClementEva3610
1918GREGORY Ancell ClementGerald1977
1923GREGORY Ancell ClementHeather 2984
1918GREGORY Ancell ClementHeather Flower1973
1920GREGORY Ancell ClementHeather Flower2411
1921GREGORY Ancell ClementHeather Flower2580
1922GREGORY Ancell ClementHeather Flower2826
1924GREGORY Ancell ClementHeather Flower3098
1925GREGORY Ancell ClementHeather Flower1302
1926GREGORY Ancell ClementHeather Flower3605
1916GREGORY Ancell ClementHercules1418
1920GREGORY Ancell ClementIbis2417
1921GREGORY Ancell ClementIbis2582
1922GREGORY Ancell ClementIbis2830
1924GREGORY Ancell ClementIbis3104
1925GREGORY Ancell ClementIbis1308
1924GREGORY Ancell ClementIda3097
1925GREGORY Ancell ClementIda1301
1926GREGORY Ancell ClementIda3604
1924GREGORY Ancell ClementLangdon3094
1925GREGORY Ancell ClementLangdon3399
1926GREGORY Ancell ClementLangdon3602
1918GREGORY Ancell ClementMean1976
1920GREGORY Ancell ClementMean2414
1925GREGORY Ancell ClementPam3400
1926GREGORY Ancell ClementPam3603
1923GREGORY Ancell ClementPostboy2981
1924GREGORY Ancell ClementPostboy3093
1925GREGORY Ancell ClementPostboy3398
1926GREGORY Ancell ClementPostboy3601
1921GREGORY Ancell ClementRed Bill2581
1920GREGORY Ancell ClementRedbill2416
1922GREGORY Ancell ClementRedbill2829
1923GREGORY Ancell ClementRedbill2988
1924GREGORY Ancell ClementRedbill3103
1925GREGORY Ancell ClementRedbill1307
1920GREGORY Ancell ClementRose Petal2412
1924GREGORY Ancell ClementRose Petal3100
1918GREGORY Ancell ClementRose Petal 1974
1918GREGORY Ancell ClementSouth New Moon1975
1920GREGORY Ancell ClementSouth New Moon2413
1922GREGORY Ancell ClementSouth New Moon2827
1923GREGORY Ancell ClementSouth New Moon2986
1924GREGORY Ancell ClementSouth New Moon3099
1925GREGORY Ancell ClementSouth New Moon1304
1926GREGORY Ancell ClementSouth New Moon3607
1923GREGORY Ancell ClementStruggler2983
1924GREGORY Ancell ClementStruggler3095
1920GREGORY Ancell ClementThe Gerald2418
1913GRENERTH & CoEurus262
1914GRENERTH & CoEurus415
1913GRENERTH & CoNollie261
1914GRENERTH & CoNollie414
1913GULL Arthur WilfredChallenge8
1913GULL Arthur WilfredOpal7
1920GULL Arthur WilfredOpal2405
1914GULL Arthur Wilfred Challenge465
1914GULL Arthur Wilfred Opal464
1922GWYNNE Victor HaroldBrolga2884
1924GWYNNE Victor HaroldBrolga3179
1925GWYNNE Victor HaroldBrolga3345
1918GWYNNE Victor HaroldDove1835
1919GWYNNE Victor HaroldDove
1920GWYNNE Victor HaroldDove2265
1921GWYNNE Victor HaroldDove2639
1922GWYNNE Victor HaroldDove2883
1923GWYNNE Victor HaroldDove2721
1920GWYNNE Victor HaroldIbis2516
1920GWYNNE Victor HaroldKea2515
1922GWYNNE Victor HaroldKea3074
1924GWYNNE Victor HaroldKia3178
1913GWYNNE Victor HaroldPetrel92
1913HAINES & MUMMORY Marmont128
1914HAINES & MUMMORY Marmont571
1915HAINES & MUMMORY Marmont710
1916HAINES & MUMMORY Marmont 985
1913HAINES Edward Ernest Frank129
1914HAINES Edward Ernest Frank569
1916HAINES Edward Ernest Frank986
1917HAINES Edward Ernest Frank1698
1913HAINES Edward Ernest Seaspray130
1914HAINES Edward Ernest Seaspray570
1915HAINES Edward Ernest Seaspray772
1916HAINES Edward Ernest Seaspray987
1917HAINES Edward Ernest Seaspray1687
1913HARPER NormanGeorge248
1915HARPER NormanGeorge606
1913HARPER NormanLouise249
1914HARPER NormanLouise487
1913HARPER NormanMarion247
1914HARPER NormanMarion486
1913HARPER NormanMina246
1914HARPER NormanMina488
1915HARPER NormanMina607
1913HARPER NormanTheresa250
1916HARPER Norman Marion1412
1916HARPER Norman Mina999
1913HATFIELD Daniel HenryNSW153
1914HATFIELD Daniel HenryNSW475
1914HATFIELD Daniel HenrySydney Henry591
1920HATFIELD Daniel HenrySydney Henry2435
1921HATFIELD Daniel HenrySydney Henry2574
1922HATFIELD Daniel HenrySydney Henry3020
1923HATFIELD Daniel HenrySydney Henry2781
1924HATFIELD Daniel HenrySydney Henry3255
1925HATFIELD Daniel HenrySydney Henry3334
1916HATFIELD Daniel HenrySydney Henry 946
1918HATFIELD Daniel HenrySydney Henry 1706
1918HATFIELD Daniel HenrySydney Henry 1994
1926HATFIELD Mrs Amy ASydney Henry3590
1924HAWKES Claude VictorAgatha3235
1925HAWKES Claude VictorAgatha1322
1926HAWKES Claude VictorAgatha3577
1923HAWKES Claude VictorDonna Frances2910
1924HAWKES Claude VictorDonna Frances3233
1925HAWKES Claude VictorDonna Frances1323
1926HAWKES Claude VictorDonna Frances3579
1913HAWKES Claude VictorGladys Olive154
1923HAWKES Claude VictorHeath2911
1924HAWKES Claude VictorHeath3234
1925HAWKES Claude VictorHeath1321
1926HAWKES Claude VictorHeath3578
1922HAWKES Claude VictorIda Lloyd2763
1923HAWKES Claude VictorIda Lloyd2909
1924HAWKES Claude VictorIda Lloyd3236
1925HAWKES Claude VictorIda Lloyd1324
1926HAWKES Claude VictorIda Lloyd3576
1923HAWKES Claude VictorIntombi2912
1913HAWKES Claude VictorMay155
1914HAWKES Claude Victor Gladys Olive432
1915HAWKES Claude Victor Gladys Olive665
1916HAWKES Claude Victor Gladys Olive918
1914HAWKES Claude Victor May431
1917HAWKES Claude Victor May1456
1916HAWKES Claude Victor May 978
1913HAWKES Wilfed CoryEdith81
1914HAWKES Wilfed CoryEdith382
1916HAWKES Wilfed CoryEdith 995
1913HAWKES Wilfed CoryEmily82
1914HAWKES Wilfed CoryEmily383
1916HAWKES Wilfed CoryEmily996
1920HAWKES Wilfred CoryEdith2373
1920HAWKES Wilfred CoryEmily2372
1922HAY James VictorJanet2731
1924HERMAN & HAYAntepolo3211
1926HERMAN & HAYAntepolo3563
1926HERMAN & HAYArchina3567
1925HERMAN & HAYAru3342
1926HERMAN & HAYAru3564
1924HERMAN & HAYConstance3209
1925HERMAN & HAYConstance3339
1926HERMAN & HAYConstance3562
1923HERMAN & HAYJanet3043
1924HERMAN & HAYJanet3206
1925HERMAN & HAYJanet3337
1926HERMAN & HAYJanet3565
1923HERMAN & HAYLillian3044
1924HERMAN & HAYLillian3207
1925HERMAN & HAYLillian3338
1926HERMAN & HAYLillian3566
1924HERMAN & HAYMaria3210
1925HERMAN & HAYMaria3341
1923HERMAN & HAYMarjorie3045
1924HERMAN & HAYVictory3208
1925HERMAN & HAYVictory3340
1926HERMAN & HAYVictory3568
1914HERMAN Benjamin VernonConstance473
1918HERMAN Benjamin VernonConstance1708
1919HERMAN Benjamin VernonConstance2085
1920HERMAN Benjamin VernonConstance2436
1921HERMAN Benjamin VernonConstance2621
1922HERMAN Benjamin VernonConstance2749
1923HERMAN Benjamin VernonConstance3048
1913HERMAN Benjamin VernonMaria162
1914HERMAN Benjamin VernonMaria472
1918HERMAN Benjamin VernonMaria1709
1919HERMAN Benjamin VernonMaria2084
1920HERMAN Benjamin VernonMaria2437
1921HERMAN Benjamin VernonMaria2622
1922HERMAN Benjamin VernonMaria2748
1923HERMAN Benjamin VernonMaria3047
1915HERMAN Benjamin VernonMaria 648
1916HERMAN Benjamin VernonMaria 831
1916HERMAN Benjamin VernonSwan832
1919HERMAN Benjamin VernonVictory2086
1920HERMAN Benjamin VernonVictory2438
1921HERMAN Benjamin VernonVictory2623
1922HERMAN Benjamin VernonVictory2747
1923HERMAN Benjamin VernonVictory3046
1913HOWARD Francis JohnDaphne333
1925HOWE Hedley VicarsDona Matilda1354
1924HOWE Hedley VicarsMina3191
1925HOWE Hedley VicarsMina3376
1926HOWE Hedley VicarsMina3517
1920HOWE Hedley VicarsNancy2264
1921HOWE Hedley VicarsNancy2578
1922HOWE Hedley VicarsNancy2730
1923HOWE Hedley VicarsNancy2999
1924HOWE Hedley VicarsNancy3190
1925HOWE Hedley VicarsPhil1353
1913HUDSON FredE.V.E77
1914HUDSON Fred E.V.E508
1918HUGHES AEVeronica1960
1916HUNTER Edmund HaroldAwk925
1913HUNTER Edmund HaroldBetty Margaret117
1914HUNTER Edmund HaroldBetty Margaret428
1915HUNTER Edmund HaroldBetty Margaret663
1916HUNTER Edmund HaroldBetty Margaret922
1918HUNTER Edmund HaroldBetty Margaret1754
1918HUNTER Edmund HaroldBetty Margaret2028
1920HUNTER Edmund HaroldBetty Margaret2343
1921HUNTER Edmund HaroldBetty Margaret2610
1922HUNTER Edmund HaroldBetty Margaret2766
1923HUNTER Edmund HaroldBetty Margaret2914
1924HUNTER Edmund HaroldBetty Margaret3231
1916HUNTER Edmund HaroldBlanche924
1918HUNTER Edmund HaroldBlanche1756
1918HUNTER Edmund HaroldBlanche2030
1920HUNTER Edmund HaroldBlanche2347
1920HUNTER Edmund HaroldClaudius2345
1921HUNTER Edmund HaroldClaudius2609
1922HUNTER Edmund HaroldClaudius2765
1923HUNTER Edmund HaroldClaudius2913
1924HUNTER Edmund HaroldClaudius3232
1913HUNTER Edmund HaroldClaudius 115
1914HUNTER Edmund HaroldClaudius 427
1915HUNTER Edmund HaroldClaudius 662
1916HUNTER Edmund HaroldClaudius 921
1918HUNTER Edmund HaroldClaudius 1753
1918HUNTER Edmund HaroldClaudius 2027
1916HUNTER Edmund HaroldDona Elsie979
1914HUNTER Edmund HaroldEva430
1916HUNTER Edmund HaroldEva983
1917HUNTER Edmund HaroldEva1692
1918HUNTER Edmund HaroldEva1887
1918HUNTER Edmund HaroldEva2024
1920HUNTER Edmund HaroldEva2342
1918HUNTER Edmund HaroldFrank2032
1918HUNTER Edmund HaroldGladys Olive1757
1918HUNTER Edmund HaroldGladys Olive2031
1920HUNTER Edmund HaroldGladys Olive2348
1916HUNTER Edmund HaroldIda Lloyd920
1918HUNTER Edmund HaroldIda Lloyd1752
1918HUNTER Edmund HaroldIda Lloyd2026
1920HUNTER Edmund HaroldIda Lloyd2344
1916HUNTER Edmund HaroldLassie980
1913HUNTER Edmund HaroldOrontes113
1914HUNTER Edmund HaroldOrontes426
1913HUNTER Edmund HaroldPhil114
1914HUNTER Edmund HaroldPhil425
1916HUNTER Edmund HaroldPhil919
1918HUNTER Edmund HaroldPhil2025
1918HUNTER Edmund HaroldPhil1751
1920HUNTER Edmund HaroldPhil2349
1920HUNTER Edmund HaroldSeaspray2346
1915HUNTER Edmund HaroldTeddy Volney664
1913HUNTER Edmund HaroldWinnie116
1914HUNTER Edmund HaroldWinnie429
1915HUNTER Edmund HaroldWinnie661
1916HUNTER Edmund HaroldWinnie923
1918HUNTER Edmund HaroldWinnie1755
1918HUNTER Edmund HaroldWinnie2029
1922JAMES Alfred ErnestDona Elsie2848
1920JAMES William HewellDominion2244
1921JAMES William HewellDominion2568
1921JESSUP Phoebe WinfredQueen2599
1921JESSUP VincentAntepolo2597
1921JESSUP VincentColarmie2635
1921JESSUP VincentEssie2596
1921JESSUP VincentMascotte2636
1921JESSUP VincentToba2598
1918JESSUP Vincent & CoAntepolo2076
1920JESSUP Vincent & CoAntepolo2390
1918JESSUP Vincent & CoArchina2080
1920JESSUP Vincent & CoArchina2391
1918JESSUP Vincent & CoAru2071
1920JESSUP Vincent & CoAru2392
1919JESSUP Vincent & CoCaneele2075
1920JESSUP Vincent & CoCaneele2393
1918JESSUP Vincent & CoColarmie2082
1920JESSUP Vincent & CoColarmie2389
1918JESSUP Vincent & CoEdith2074
1920JESSUP Vincent & CoEdith2394
1918JESSUP Vincent & CoEileen2070
1920JESSUP Vincent & CoEileen2395
1918JESSUP Vincent & CoEssie2067
1920JESSUP Vincent & CoEssie2396
1918JESSUP Vincent & CoIsabel2072
1920JESSUP Vincent & CoIsabel2397
1918JESSUP Vincent & CoJean2079
1920JESSUP Vincent & CoJean2398
1918JESSUP Vincent & CoMascotte2064
1920JESSUP Vincent & CoMascotte2399
1918JESSUP Vincent & CoNyoola2073
1920JESSUP Vincent & CoNyoola2400
1918JESSUP Vincent & CoRuby2066
1920JESSUP Vincent & CoRuby 2388
1918JESSUP Vincent & CoTeujin2088
1920JESSUP Vincent & CoTeujin2401
1918JESSUP Vincent & CoToba2081
1920JESSUP Vincent & CoToba2402
1920JESSUP Vincent & CoWaterwitch2403
1918JESSUP Vincent & CoWaterwitch 2068
1918JESSUP Vincent & CoWybenia2077
1920JESSUP Vincent & CoWybenia2404
1914JOHNSON John MorganEsquimaux541
1913JOHNSON William BrookeArafura184
1913JOHNSON William BrookeBetty Margaret186
1913JOHNSON William BrookeBlanche187
1913JOHNSON William BrookeEos188
1913JOHNSON William BrookeEttica93
1914JOHNSON William BrookeEttica451
1916JOHNSON William BrookeEttica974
1918JOHNSON William BrookeEttica1796
1913JOHNSON William BrookeExchange185
1913JOHNSON William BrookeFlores189
1914JOHNSON William JamesFram445
1920JONES Alfred ErnestDona Elsie2243
1921JONES Alfred ErnestDona Elsie2544
1913JUDD & CoEsquimaux260
1914KARASKER LeonSarah Williams597
1926KARDOMITZ NicholasLassie3620
1914KAZAKOS Nicholas VasiliPrince of Wales579
1913KAZAKOS Nicholas VasiliPrince of Wales193
1925KENNED Isabella MExperience1337
1926KENNED Isabella MExperience3627
1925KENNEDY & HERBERTAumeric1335
1925KENNEDY Isabella MZephyr1336
1926KENNEDY Isabella MZephyr3626
1924KEPART Victor RalphDon Percival3078
1925KEPART Victor RalphDon Percival3379
1926KEPART Victor RalphDon Percival3511
1922KEPART Victor RalphEnid2761
1923KEPART Victor RalphEnid2956
1924KEPART Victor RalphEnid3082
1925KEPART Victor RalphEnid3378
1922KEPART Victor RalphEurus2762
1923KEPART Victor RalphEurus2957
1924KEPART Victor RalphEurus3171
1924KEPART Victor RalphGeorge3080
1925KEPART Victor RalphGeorge3380
1926KEPART Victor RalphGeorge3513
1924KEPART Victor RalphMildred3254
1924KEPART Victor RalphOlives3079
1925KEPART Victor RalphOlives3377
1926KEPART Victor RalphOlives3512
1923KEPERT Victor RalphWaterwitch2958
1924KEPERT Victor RalphWaterwitch3081
1925KEPERT Victor RalphWaterwitch3381
1926KEPERT Victor RalphWinifred3514
1916KIRBY Robert SmileyAmethyst1437
1918KIRBY Robert SmileyAmethyst1872
1923KNIGHT Rupert LeonardHilda2927
1923KNIGHT Rupert LeonardMaitai2928
1921KNOWLES & MORGANLaura2616
1922KNOWLES & MORGANLaura2738
1923KNOWLES & MORGANLaura2881
1924KNOWLES & MORGANLaura3182
1926KNOWLES & MORGANLaura3623
1914KNOWLES Joseph Gem543
1920KNOWLES Joseph Gem2508
1914KNOWLES Joseph Laura542
1920KNOWLES Joseph Laura2509
1922LARSON Wm/PRITCHARD ThomMascotte2908
1913LE PIOGNEUR Emile WilfredDiscoverer53
1914LE PIOGNEUR Emile WilfredDiscoverer467
1913LE PIOGNEUR Emile WilfredIdaho54
1914LE PIOGNEUR Emile WilfredIdaho468
1916LE PIOGNEUR Emile WilfredIdaho1487
1913LE PIOGNEUR Emile WilfredIsabel55
1914LE PIOGNEUR Emile WilfredIsabel469
1916LE PIOGNEUR Emile WilfredIsabel889
1916LE PIOGNEUR Emile WilfredIsabel1485
1920LE PIOGNEUR Emile WilfredIsabel2432
1921LE PIOGNEUR Emile WilfredIsabel2606
1913LE PIOGNEUR Emile WilfredIvydale57
1914LE PIOGNEUR Emile WilfredIvydale471
1916LE PIOGNEUR Emile WilfredIvydale890
1913LE PIOGNEUR Emile WilfredWhynot56
1914LE PIOGNEUR Emile WilfredWhynot470
1916LE PIOGNEUR Emile WilfredWhynot1407
1916LE PIOGNEUR Emile WilfredWhynot1486
1919LE PIOGNEUR Emile WilfredWhynot2051
1920LE PIOGNEUR Emile WilfredWhynot2433
1916LE PIOGNEUR Emile WilfredWilliam1484
1918LE PIOGNEUR Emile WilfredWilliam1741
1919LE PIOGNEUR Emile WilfredWilliam2052
1920LE PIOGNEUR Emile WilfredWilliam2517
1922LE PIOGNEUR Emile WilfredWilliam3004
1918LE POIGNEUR Emile WilfredIsabel1742
1919LE POIGNEUR Emile WilfredIsobel2053
1923LE POIGNEUR, Ernie WilfredWilliam2814
1924LE POIGNEUR, Ernie WilfredWilliam3252
1913LEVY FrankVictory331
1913LOCKE AlfredDove119
1913LOCKE AlfredKea118
1913LOCKE AlfredLangdonno rego #
1913LUMSDEN WattTifera324
1913LUMSDEN WattTifera90
1913LUYER WE & FRBonza174
1914LUYER WE & FRBonza500
1915LUYER WE & FRBonza699
1916LUYER WE & FRBonza1401
1918LUYER WE & FRBonza1847
1918LUYER WE & FRBonza2226
1920LUYER WE & FRBonza2505
1914LUYER WE & FRLilian501
1913LUYER WE & FRLillian172
1915LUYER WE & FRLillian701
1916LUYER WE & FRLillian1402
1918LUYER WE & FRLillian1848
1918LUYER WE & FRLillian2227
1920LUYER WE & FRLillian2506
1922LUYER WE & FRLillian2859
1914LUYER WE & FRMarjorie502
1915LUYER WE & FRMarjorie700
1920LUYER WE & FRMarjorie2507
1921LUYER WE & FRMarjorie2671
1913LUYER WE & FRMarjorie 173
1916LUYER WE & FRMarjorie 1403
1918LUYER WE & FRMarjorie 1849
1918LUYER WE & FRMarjorie withdrawn
1920LYONS MauriceCrane2248
1920LYONS MauriceEsta2249
1920LYONS MauriceMereni2250
1925MACARTHY & WATSONCleopatra3263
1925MACARTHY & WATSONJoan of Arc3264
1925MACARTHY & WATSONMitchell3265
1916MacDONALD John AlexanderNancy936
1918MacDONALD John AlexanderNancy1845
1916MacDONALD John AlexanderNorma935
1916MacDONALD John AlexanderOlive937
1918MacDONALD John AlexanderOlive1844
1916MacDONALD John AlexanderTeddy942
1918MacDONALD John AlexanderTeddy1846
1921MacKENZIE & LYONSAwang2679
1922MacKENZIE & LYONSAwang3061
1923MacKENZIE & LYONSAwang2710
1926MacKENZIE & LYONSAwang3572
1921MacKENZIE & LYONSCrane2676
1922MacKENZIE & LYONSCrane3057
1923MacKENZIE & LYONSCrane2705
1924MacKENZIE & LYONSCrane3246
1926MacKENZIE & LYONSCrane3636
1921MacKENZIE & LYONSKapayapaan2674
1922MacKENZIE & LYONSKapayapaan3060
1923MacKENZIE & LYONSKapayapaan2707
1924MacKENZIE & LYONSKapayapaan3248
1926MacKENZIE & LYONSKapayapaan3575
1921MacKENZIE & LYONSKarang2675
1922MacKENZIE & LYONSKarang3059
1923MacKENZIE & LYONSKarang2706
1924MacKENZIE & LYONSKarang3259
1926MacKENZIE & LYONSKarang3574
1921MacKENZIE & LYONSKavite2673
1923MacKENZIE & LYONSKavite2704
1924MacKENZIE & LYONSKavite3244
1926MacKENZIE & LYONSKavite3569
1921MacKENZIE & LYONSMereni2677
1922MacKENZIE & LYONSMereni3058
1923MacKENZIE & LYONSMereni2700
1924MacKENZIE & LYONSMereni3247
1926MacKENZIE & LYONSMereni3573
1922MacKENZIE & LYONSMina3062
1923MacKENZIE & LYONSMina2709
1926MacKENZIE & LYONSMina3571
1924MacKENZIE & LYONSMina 3249
1921MacKENZIE & LYONSMina 2678
1922MacKENZIE & LYONSQueen3056
1924MacKENZIE & LYONSQueen3245
1926MacKENZIE & LYONSQueen3570
1925MACNEE & HUNTERBetty Margaret3387
1925MACNEE & HUNTERBlanche3388
1925MACNEE & HUNTERGrace3391
1925MACNEE & HUNTERKim3389
1925MACNEE & HUNTEROlive3390
1921MacNEE Harry MacLachlanOlive2618
1922MacNEE Harry MacLachlanOlive2861
1924MacNEE Harry MacLachlanOlive3125
1919MAIDIN BramshaOrontesministerial
1920MAIDIN BramshaOrontes2260
1921MAIDIN BramshaOrontes2256
1922MAIDIN BramshaOrontes2701
1923MAIDIN BramshaOrontes2903
1924MAIDIN BramshaOrontes3077
1925MAIDIN BramshaOrontes3323
1926MAIDIN BramshaOrontes3510
1913MAIDIN BramshaWilliam271
1913MAIDIN BramshaWilliam
1914MAIDIN BramshaWilliamno fees
1914MAIDIN BramshaWilliam524
1915MAIDIN BramshaWilliam769
1916MAIDIN BramshaWilliam 981
1916MALE ArchieAsahi968
1916MALE ArchieDonna Frances967
1916MALE ArchieDorothy837
1915MALE ArchieFlores621
1924MANNERS C & WILSON HMytle Olga3238
1919MANNERS Charles ClaudeAlpha2234
1920MANNERS Charles ClaudeAlpha2512
1925MANNERS Charles ClaudeChantress1346
1923MANNERS Charles ClaudeOberon2905
1923MANNERS DouglasMyrtle Olga 2980
1914MARJOLIC MarkTerna591
1923MARSHALL & SINCLAIRLa Grange2916
1924MARSHALL & SINCLAIRLa Grange3131
1925MARSHALL & SINCLAIRLa Grange3269
1926MARSHALL & SINCLAIRLa Grange3559
1921MARSHALL Louis WinchesterLa Grange2665
1922MARSHALL Louis WinchesterLa Grange2757
1923McBRIDE BrosAntepolo2938
1922McBRIDE BrosDiangen2785
1923McBRIDE BrosDiangen2940
1923McBRIDE BrosMarion2936
1923McBRIDE BrosNyoola2937
1922McBRIDE BrosRaff2786
1923McBRIDE BrosRaff2939
1913McDANIEL DanielCenturion254
1914McDANIEL DanielCenturion356
1915McDANIEL DanielCenturion659
1916McDANIEL DanielCenturion932
1918McDANIEL DanielCenturion1825
1919McDANIEL DanielCenturion2063
1920McDANIEL DanielCenturion2458
1922McDANIEL DanielCenturion2801
1923McDANIEL DanielCenturion3035
1924McDANIEL DanielCenturion3240
1925McDANIEL DanielCenturion1317
1926McDANIEL DanielCenturion3593
1913McDANIEL DanielGloria Violet252
1914McDANIEL DanielGloria Violet354
1915McDANIEL DanielGloria Violet657
1916McDANIEL DanielGloria Violet930
1918McDANIEL DanielGloria Violet1828
1919McDANIEL DanielGloria Violet2061
1920McDANIEL DanielGloria Violet2456
1922McDANIEL DanielGloria Violet2803
1923McDANIEL DanielGloria Violet3036
1924McDANIEL DanielGloria Violet3241
1925McDANIEL DanielGloria Violet1318
1926McDANIEL DanielGloria Violet3594
1913McDANIEL DanielKarri255
1914McDANIEL DanielKarri357
1916McDANIEL DanielKarri1553
1918McDANIEL DanielKarri1827
1919McDANIEL DanielKarri2064
1920McDANIEL DanielKarri2459
1913McDANIEL DanielKate Florence253
1914McDANIEL DanielKate Florence355
1915McDANIEL DanielKate Florence658
1916McDANIEL DanielKate Florence931
1918McDANIEL DanielKate Florence1826
1919McDANIEL DanielKate Florence2062
1920McDANIEL DanielKate Florence2457
1922McDANIEL DanielKate Florence2802
1923McDANIEL DanielKate Florence3037
1924McDANIEL DanielKate Florence3239
1925McDANIEL DanielKate Florence1315
1926McDANIEL DanielKate Florence3592
1920McDANIEL DanielPelican2461
1923McDANIEL DanielPelican3038
1924McDANIEL DanielPelican3243
1925McDANIEL DanielPelican1316
1926McDANIEL DanielPelican3595
1925McDANIEL DanielRosa1320
1926McDANIEL DanielRosa3596
1913McDANIEL DanielTheo256
1914McDANIEL DanielTheo358
1915McDANIEL DanielTheo660
1916McDANIEL DanielTheo933
1918McDANIEL DanielTheo1829
1919McDANIEL DanielTheo2065
1920McDANIEL DanielTheo2460
1921McDANIEL DanielTheo2688
1922McDANIEL DanielTheo2804
1923McDANIEL DanielTheo3039
1924McDANIEL DanielTheo3242
1925McDANIEL DanielTheo1319
1926McDANIEL DanielTheo3597
1916McDONALD & McKENNAAnna1688
1917McDONALD & McKENNACleopatra 1690
1917McDONALD & McKENNAJanet1689
1914McDONALD Alexander Ada Williams440
1915McDONALD Alexander Ada Williams709
1913McDONALD John AndrewHeather120
1914McDONALD John AndrewHeather580
1913McDONALD John AndrewNancy195
1914McDONALD John AndrewNancy545
1915McDONALD John AndrewNancy775
1917McDONALD John AndrewNancy1629
1913McDONALD John AndrewNorma194
1914McDONALD John AndrewNorma544
1915McDONALD John AndrewNorma725
1917McDONALD John AndrewNorma1687
1913McDONALD John AndrewOlive196
1917McDONALD John AndrewOlive1630
1914McDONALD John AndrewOlive 546
1919McDONALD John AndrewOlive 2212
1919McDONALD John AndrewTeddy2060
1922McDONALD John AndrewTeddy2776
1925McDONALD John AndrewTeddy3346
1926McDONALD John AndrewTeddy3589
1920McDONALD John AndrewTeddy 2419
1921McDONALD John AndrewTeddy 2565
1924McDONALD John AndrewTeddy 3198
1919McDONALD KennethMay2238
1918McKAY HughDepuch1875
1919McKAY HughDepuch2045
1920McKAY HughDepuch2442
1921McKAY HughDepuch2656
1922McKAY HughDepuch2753
1924McKAY HughDepuch3214
1925McKAY HughDepuch3396
1926McKAY HughDepuch3550
1919McKAY HughEthel2044
1920McKAY HughEthel2441
1923McKAY HughEthel3042
1924McKAY HughEthel3213
1926McKAY HughEthel3549
1918McKAY HughLorna Doone1876
1919McKAY HughLorna Doone2046
1920McKAY HughLorna Doone2443
1921McKAY HughLorna Doone2657
1922McKAY HughLorna Doone2754
1919McKAY HughMaggie2237
1920McKAY HughMaggie2439
1923McKAY HughMaggie3041
1924McKAY HughMaggie3257
1926McKAY HughMaggie3635
1918McKAY HughOuida1874
1919McKAY HughOuida2043
1919McKAY HughOuida2043
1920McKAY HughOuida2440
1921McKAY HughOuida2655
1922McKAY HughOuida2752
1923McKAY HughOuida3040
1924McKAY HughOuida3212
1925McKAY HughOuida3395
1926McKAY HughOuida3548
1913McKAY RichardBedour9
1913McKAY RichardDepuch12
1913McKAY RichardDoris Good13
1913McKAY RichardFrances10
1913McKAY RichardLorna Doone11
1913McKAY RichardOuida14
1915McKELLAR RobinTifera629
1916McKELLAR RobinTifera838
1916McKENNA & MacDONALD Cleopatra989
1916McKENNA & MacDONALD Janet990
1917McKENNA EthelElizabeth 1685
1918McKENNA EthelElizabeth 1883
1919McKENNA EthelElizabeth withdrawn
1920McKENNA John StantonCleopatra2485
1918McKENNA John StantonCleopatra 1886
1919McKENNA John StantonCleopatra 2220
1914McKENNA John StantonEos482
1915McKENNA John StantonEos670
1916McKENNA John StantonEos992
1917McKENNA John StantonEos1684
1918McKENNA John StantonEos1884
1919McKENNA John StantonEos2239
1920McKENNA John StantonEos2486
1919McKENNA John StantonJames2221
1918McKENNA John StantonJanet1885
1920McKENNA John StantonJanet2487
1920McKENZIE & LYONSAwang2511
1925McKENZIE & LYONSCrane1351
1920McKENZIE & LYONSKapayapaan2252
1925McKENZIE & LYONSKapayapaan1344
1920McKENZIE & LYONSKarang2251
1925McKENZIE & LYONSKarang1345
1925McKENZIE & LYONSKavite1341
1925McKENZIE & LYONSMereni1350
1925McKENZIE & LYONSMina1343
1925McKENZIE & LYONSQueen1342
1918McKENZIE James TheodoreCrane1986
1918McKENZIE James TheodoreEsta1987
1918McKENZIE James TheodoreKavite1985
1920McKENZIE James TheodoreKavite2247
1918McKENZIE James TheodoreMereni1988
1920McNEE Harry McLachlinOlive2510
1923McNEE Harry McLachlinOlive3001
1914McRAE GordonTitania463
1915McRAE GordonTitania733
1913McRAE Gordon Titania104
1916MICHAEL JosephBritannia1581
1913MILLER ElizaTrixen94
1914MILLER ElizaTrixen474
1923MILLER Georgina MaudWaitangi2876
1913MILLER John BertieDona Elsie264
1914MILLER John BertieDona Elsie596
1921MILLER John BertieWaitangi2667
1922MONGER Henry LockeEva2822
1923MONGER Henry LockeEva2917
1913MOORE Frank MurrayHeath209
1915MOORE Frank MurrayOrontes676
1913MOORE Frank MurrayViking208
1925MORGAN KnowlesaGem1340
1925MORGAN KnowlesaLaura1339
1926MORGANS Alfred ChambersCharlie3515
1922MORGANS Alfred ChambersLangdon2733
1923MORRIS Albert EdwardWaitangi2996
1924MORRIS Albert EdwardWaitangi3129
1925MORRIS Albert EdwardWaitangi3322
1926MORRIS Albert EdwardWaitangi3538
1918MOSS & RICHARDSONAumenic1879
1918MOSS & RICHARDSONAumenic2217
1918MOSS & RICHARDSONEurus2234
1918MOSS & RICHARDSONJohn de Baun1882
1918MOSS & RICHARDSONJohn de Baun2218
1920MOSS & RICHARDSONJohn de Baun2465
1918MOSS & RICHARDSONLa Grange2235
1920MOSS & RICHARDSONLa Grange2467
1918MOSS & RICHARDSONLa Perouse1880
1918MOSS & RICHARDSONLa Perouse2219
1918MOSS & RICHARDSONMikado1877
1918MOSS & RICHARDSONTitania1881
1918MOSS & RICHARDSONWarrawing1878
1920MOSS & RICHARDSONWarrawing2464
1913MOSS & RICHARDSON Ada Williams111
1914MOSS & RICHARDSON Aumenic419
1915MOSS & RICHARDSON Aumenic706
1916MOSS & RICHARDSON Aumenic954
1916MOSS & RICHARDSON Aumenic954
1917MOSS & RICHARDSON Aumenicsee 92/17
1913MOSS & RICHARDSON Calwalla112
1916MOSS & RICHARDSON Calwalla1414
1917MOSS & RICHARDSON Calwallasee 92/17
1915MOSS & RICHARDSON Eurus734
1916MOSS & RICHARDSON Eurus953
1916MOSS & RICHARDSON Eurus953
1917MOSS & RICHARDSON Eurussee 92/17
1917MOSS & RICHARDSON Frasersee 92/1917
1913MOSS & RICHARDSON John de Baun109
1915MOSS & RICHARDSON John de Baun708
1916MOSS & RICHARDSON John de Baun957
1916MOSS & RICHARDSON John de Baun957
1917MOSS & RICHARDSON John de Baunsee 92/1917
1913MOSS & RICHARDSON La Grange106
1914MOSS & RICHARDSON La Grange417
1915MOSS & RICHARDSON La Grange704
1916MOSS & RICHARDSON La Grange955
1916MOSS & RICHARDSON La Grange955
1917MOSS & RICHARDSON La Grangesee 92/17
1913MOSS & RICHARDSON La Perouse105
1914MOSS & RICHARDSON La Perouse416
1915MOSS & RICHARDSON La Perouse705
1916MOSS & RICHARDSON La Perouse956
1916MOSS & RICHARDSON La Perouse956
1917MOSS & RICHARDSON La Perousesee 92/1917
1913MOSS & RICHARDSON Mikado108
1915MOSS & RICHARDSON Mikado735
1916MOSS & RICHARDSON Mikado951
1916MOSS & RICHARDSON Mikado957
1917MOSS & RICHARDSON Mikadosee 92/17
1916MOSS & RICHARDSON Titania959
1916MOSS & RICHARDSON Titania959
1917MOSS & RICHARDSON Titaniasee 92/17
1913MOSS & RICHARDSON Warrawing107
1914MOSS & RICHARDSON Warrawing418
1915MOSS & RICHARDSON Warrawing707
1916MOSS & RICHARDSON Warrawing958
1916MOSS & RICHARDSON Warrawing958
1917MOSS & RICHARDSON Warrawingsee 92/17
1918MOSS & RICHARDSON Warrawing2216
1921MOSS GeorgeFram2693
1923MOSS GeorgeFram2929
1924MOSS GeorgeFram3163
1925MOSS GeorgeFram3299
1926MOSS GeorgeFram3625
1922MOSS GeorgeFrancis2872
1922MULGRAVE James ArthurDelaware2820
1923MULGRAVE James ArthurDelaware2879
1924MULGRAVE James ArthurDelaware3091
1925MULGRAVE James ArthurDelaware3384
1926MULGRAVE James ArthurDelaware1363
1925MULGRAVE James ArthurDrangen3385
1926MULGRAVE James ArthurDrangen1362
1923MULGRAVE James ArthurElizabeth2878
1924MULGRAVE James ArthurElizabeth3090
1925MULGRAVE James ArthurElizabeth3356
1922MULGRAVE James ArthurLeo2821
1923MULGRAVE James ArthurLeo2880
1924MULGRAVE James ArthurLeo3089
1926MULGRAVE James ArthurLeo1361
1918MUMMERY Herbert ValeMarmont1790
1919MUMMERY Herbert ValeMarmont2215
1920MUMMERY Herbert ValeMarmont2431
1921MUMMERY Herbert ValeMarmont2626
1917MUMMERY Herbert ValeMarmont 1638
1913NEALL Allan CharlesMuriel100
1915NEALL LillianMuriel712
1916NEALL LillianMuriel991
1923NELSON Dorothea MayChantress2906
1923NELSON Dorothea MayKim 2907
1919NELSON EricChantress2223
1920NELSON EricChantress2283
1921NELSON EricChantress2654
1922NELSON EricChantress2864
1920NELSON EricDaisy2521
1921NELSON EricDaisy2696
1919NELSON EricKim2222
1920NELSON EricKim2285
1921NELSON EricKim 2653
1922NELSON EricKim 2863
1919NELSON EricRose Neptune2224
1920NELSON EricRose Neptune2284
1913NELSON Eric Aumenic133
1918NELSON Eric Chantress1792
1918NELSON Eric Chantress2222
1913NELSON Eric Daisy332
1916NELSON Eric Daisy879
1918NELSON Eric Daisy1794
1918NELSON Eric Kim2223
1918NELSON Eric Kim1793
1914NELSON Eric Rose Neptune581
1915NELSON Eric Rose Neptune692
1916NELSON Eric Rose Neptune880
1918NELSON Eric Rose Neptune1791
1918NELSON Eric Rose Neptune2224
1925NORMAN & HAYAntepolo3336
1921NORMAN Edgar de BurghMariana2605
1922NORMAN Edgar de BurghMarion2711
1918NORMAN Edgar De BurghRobinor1855
1918NORMAN Edgar De BurghRobinor2208
1919NORMAN Edgar De BurghRobinor
1920NORMAN Edgar De BurghRobinor2253
1923NORMAN Edgar De BurghRobinor2915
1925NORMAN Edgar De BurghRobinor3350
1926NORMAN Edgar De BurghRobinor1375
1914NORMAN Edgar De BurghRobison489
1916NORMAN Edgar De BurghRobison944
1924NORMAN Edgar De BurghRobison3167
1920NORMAN Edgar DeBurghMarion2254
1913NORMAN Edgar DeBurghRobinor37
1914NORMAN HarperGeorge485
1914NYSTROM Charles FillipKim561
1915NYSTROM Charles FillipKim679
1916NYSTROM Charles FillipKim778
1916NYSTROM Charles FillipKim778
1914NYSTROM Charles FillipRaymond560
1915NYSTROM Charles FillipRaymond678
1916NYSTROM Charles FillipRaymond777
1916NYSTROM Charles FillipRaymond777
1920O'DONNELL JohnQueenslander2368
1920OGILVIE Land StuartEva2462
1921OGILVIE Land StuartEva2641
1922OGILVIE Land StuartEva2868
1923OGILVIE Land StuartEva2948
1924OGILVIE Land StuartEva3165
1925OGILVIE Land StuartEva3392
1926OGILVIE Land StuartEva3544
1925OGILVIE Land StuartGladys Olive3372
1920OGILVIE Land StuartPlover2499
1921OGILVIE Land StuartPlover2643
1922OGILVIE Land StuartPlover2870
1923OGILVIE Land StuartPlover2949
1924OGILVIE Land StuartPlover3166
1925OGILVIE Land StuartPlover3393
1926OGILVIE Land StuartPlover3543
1920OGILVIE Land StuartVera2463
1921OGILVIE Land StuartVera2642
1922OGILVIE Land StuartVera2869
1923OGILVIE Land StuartVera2941
1924OGILVIE Land StuartVera3164
1925OGILVIE Land StuartWillboule3373
1926OGILVIE Mrs Edith MChantress3545
1921OGILVIE Stewart VernonCurlew2587
1922OGILVIE Stewart VernonCurlew2865
1923OGILVIE Stewart VernonCurlew2950
1924OGILVIE Stewart VernonDiangen3087
1921OGILVIE Stewart VernonGladys Olive2586
1922OGILVIE Stewart VernonGladys Olive2866
1923OGILVIE Stewart VernonGladys Olive2950
1924OGILVIE Stewart VernonGladys Olive3086
1926OGILVIE Stewart VernonGladys Olive3546
1926OGILVIE Stewart VernonWillboule3547
1917O'GRADY Harry JamesMadna1699
1918ORIENTAL PEARLING CoBronlon 1799
1918ORIENTAL PEARLING CoBronlon 2013
1923OWEN Thomas HughesBrondog2887
1923OWEN Thomas HughesBronlas2888
1923OWEN Thomas HughesBronlon2886
1913PATON John RobertMyrtle207
1916PENLOMY PhilipHelena Mena1416
1917PENLOMY PhilipHelena Mena1641
1918PENLOMY PhilipHelena Mena1891
1918PENLOMY PhilipHelena Mena1944
1920PENLOMY PhilipHelena Mena2504
1921PENLOMY PhilipHelena Mena2557
1922PENLOMY PhilipHelena Mena2779
1923PENLOMY PhilipHelena Mena2935
1924PENLOMY PhilipHelena Mena3196
1926PENLOMY PhilipHelena Mena3556
1917PENLOMY PhilipMars1642
1918PENLOMY PhilipMars1892
1918PENLOMY PhilipMars1943
1920PENLOMY PhilipMars2502
1914PENLOMY PhilipViking481
1915PENLOMY PhilipViking672
1916PENLOMY PhilipViking991
1917PENLOMY PhilipViking1640
1918PENLOMY PhilipViking1893
1918PENLOMY PhilipViking1945
1920PENLOMY PhilipViking2503
1921PENLOMY PhilipViking2556
1922PENLOMY PhilipViking2778
1923PENLOMY PhilipViking2934
1924PENLOMY PhilipViking3195
1926PENLOMY PhilipViking3555
1925PENLOMY PhillipHelena Mena3787
1925PENLOMY PhillipViking3286
1913PERCY AnastasiaFrosty23
1914PERCY AnastasiaFrosty505
1915PERCY AnastasiaFrosty599
1916PERCY AnastasiaFrosty897
1913PERCY PatrickAlbatross21
1914PERCY PatrickAlbatross407
1915PERCY PatrickAlbatross603
1916PERCY PatrickAlbatross901
1918PERCY PatrickAlbatross2017
1913PERCY PatrickCurlew20
1914PERCY PatrickCurlew406
1915PERCY PatrickCurlew602
1916PERCY PatrickCurlew899
1917PERCY PatrickCurlew1614
1918PERCY PatrickCurlew1745
1918PERCY PatrickCurlew2018
1913PERCY PatrickDaisy22
1913PERCY PatrickIbis18
1914PERCY PatrickIbis404
1915PERCY PatrickIbis600
1916PERCY PatrickIbis898
1921PERCY PatrickMollie2566
1922PERCY PatrickMollie2846
1923PERCY PatrickMollie2933
1924PERCY PatrickMollie3152
1925PERCY PatrickMollie3370
1926PERCY PatrickNollie1356
1913PERCY PatrickPelican19
1914PERCY PatrickPelican405
1915PERCY PatrickPelican601
1918PERCY PatrickPelican2019
1916PERCY PatrickPelican 900
1913PERCY PatrickSwan17
1914PHILLIPS Alfred JohnFlores452
1921PHILLIPSON HymenBlanche2685
1922PHILLIPSON HymenBlanche2813
1913PIGGOTT Stanley PashLawrence281
1913PIGGOTT Stanley PashLawrence320
1915PIGGOTT Stanley PashLawrence720
1916PIGGOTT Stanley PashLawrence882
1917PIGGOTT Stanley PashLawrence1633
1918PIGGOTT Stanley PashLawrence1795
1919PIGGOTT Stanley PashLawrencenot 2225
1916PIGGOTT Stanley PashNollie881
1917PIGGOTT Stanley PashNollie1632
1919PIGGOTT Stanley PashNollie2054
1914POLLET Lawrence StephanRosa347
1915POLLET Lawrence StephanRosa702
1918POLMER HerbertBarbara2058
1918POLMER HerbertMossie2059
1918POLMER HerbertRex2057
1914PORTER HarryRex504
1913PORTER HarryRose263
1918PRICE Elsie Hannah Titania1911
1920PRICE Elsie Hannah Titania2269
1921PRICE Elsie Hannah Titania2549
1922PRICE Elsie Hannah Titania2862
1923PRICE Elsie Hannah Titania3066
1924PRICE Elsie Hannah Titania3221
1916PRICE Elsie Hannah Waitangi929
1918PRICE Elsie Hannah Waitangi1910
1920PRICE Elsie Hannah Waitangi2268
1913PRICE WilliamElsie Good124
1914PRICE WilliamElsie Good521
1913PRICE WilliamEva127
1913PRICE WilliamVera126
1913PRICE WilliamWaitangi125
1914PRICE WilliamWaitangi522
1924PRITCHARD ThomasMascotte3224
1925PRITCHARD ThomasMascotte1347
1923PRYOR Sydney John Bonza3053
1924PRYOR Sydney John Bonza3227
1925PRYOR Sydney John Bonza3366
1926PRYOR Sydney John Bonza3586
1914PRYOR Sydney John Mars593
1913PRYOR Sydney John Patience98
1917PRYOR Sydney John Patience1854
1918PRYOR Sydney John Patience2023
1920PRYOR Sydney John Patience2366
1921PRYOR Sydney John Patience2648
1922PRYOR Sydney John Patience2782
1923PRYOR Sydney John Patience3051
1924PRYOR Sydney John Patience3226
1925PRYOR Sydney John Patience3365
1916PRYOR Sydney John Reliance853
1920PRYOR Sydney John Roebuck2367
1922PRYOR Sydney John Roebuck2783
1923PRYOR Sydney John Roebuck3052
1924PRYOR Sydney John Roebuck3253
1925PRYOR Sydney John Roebuck3364
1926PRYOR Sydney John Roebuck3587
1917PRYOR Sydney John Roebuck 1855
1918PRYOR Sydney John Roebuck 2022
1918PRYOR Sydney John Roebuck 1803
1925PRYOR Sydney John Rose Neptune3363
1926PRYOR Sydney John Rose Neptune3588
1913PRYOR Sydney John Salatuad289
1917RAINE Arnold YeldhamAustralind1477
1920RAINE Arnold YeldhamLa Perouse2333
1922RAINE Arnold YeldhamLa Perouse2759
1923RAINE Arnold YeldhamLa Perouse2925
1924RAINE Arnold YeldhamLa Perouse3124
1925RAINE Arnold YeldhamLa Perouse3281
1926RAINE Arnold YeldhamLa Perouse3607
1923RAINE Arnold YeldhamLeyris2924
1915RAINE Arnold YeldhamLeyris 620
1916RAINE Arnold YeldhamLeyris 782
1917RAINE Arnold YeldhamLeyris 1476
1918RAINE Arnold YeldhamLeyris 1982
1920RAINE Arnold YeldhamLeyris 2332
1921RAINE Arnold YeldhamLeyris 2620
1922RAINE Arnold YeldhamLeyris 2758
1924RAINE Arnold YeldhamLeyris 3123
1925RAINE Arnold YeldhamLeyris 3280
1926RAINE Arnold YeldhamLeyris 3551
1913RALPH JohnGrace41
1913RALPH JohnGrace312
1917RALPH JohnGrace1457
1913RALPH JohnOrient42
1913RALPH JohnOrient313
1920REPERT Victor RalphEnid2473
1921REPERT Victor RalphEnid2567
1914RICHARDS & McKAYDepuch555
1916RICHARDS & McKAYDepuch786
1914RICHARDS & McKAYDoris554
1916RICHARDS & McKAYDoris785
1914RICHARDS & McKAYFrances557
1916RICHARDS & McKAYFrances1411
1914RICHARDS & McKAYLorna Doone556
1916RICHARDS & McKAYLorna Doone976
1914RICHARDS & McKAYOuida553
1916RICHARDS & McKAYWanderer 2977
1914RICHARDS & McKAYWanderer 2552
1917RICHARDS Joseph SpencerDoris1439
1918RICHARDS Joseph SpencerDoris Good2021
1918RICHARDS Joseph SpencerDoris Good1890
1920RICHARDS Joseph SpencerDoris Good2422
1921RICHARDS Joseph SpencerDoris Good2595
1917RICHARDS Joseph SpencerFrances1438
1918RICHARDS Joseph SpencerFrances2020
1918RICHARDS Joseph SpencerFrances1888
1920RICHARDS Joseph SpencerFrances2420
1922RICHARDS Joseph SpencerFrances2805
1920RICHARDS Joseph SpencerWanderer 22421
1917RICHARDS Joseph SpencerWanderer 21440
1918RICHARDS Joseph SpencerWanderer 21889
1916RICHARDS RichardExperience854
1917RICHARDS RichardExperience1620
1918RICHARDS RichardExperience1782
1914RICHARDS Richard Experience378
1915RICHARDS Richard Experience675
1922RIDLEY FrankAmy2787
1923RIDLEY FrankAmy2892
1924RIDLEY FrankAmy3187
1913ROBERTS John CharlesFrederic180
1913ROBERTS John CharlesFrederic303
1913ROBISON & NORMANAggie221
1918ROBISON & NORMANAggie1815
1918ROBISON & NORMANAggie2202
1920ROBISON & NORMANAggie2327
1923ROBISON & NORMANAggie2970
1913ROBISON & NORMANBeryl227
1914ROBISON & NORMANBeryl371
1916ROBISON & NORMANBeryl1408
1918ROBISON & NORMANBeryl1809
1918ROBISON & NORMANBeryl2096
1920ROBISON & NORMANBeryl2320
1921ROBISON & NORMANBeryl2627
1923ROBISON & NORMANBeryl2964
1918ROBISON & NORMANBoyd1811
1918ROBISON & NORMANBoyd2207
1921ROBISON & NORMANBoyd2629
1923ROBISON & NORMANBoyd2967
1913ROBISON & NORMANConnie223
1914ROBISON & NORMANConnie364
1918ROBISON & NORMANConnie1808
1918ROBISON & NORMANConnie2095
1913ROBISON & NORMANEdgar Norman232
1914ROBISON & NORMANEdgar Norman373
1918ROBISON & NORMANEdgar Norman1816
1918ROBISON & NORMANEdgar Norman2203
1922ROBISON & NORMANEdgar Norman2717
1918ROBISON & NORMANEsquimaux1819
1918ROBISON & NORMANEsquimaux2206
1922ROBISON & NORMANEsquimaux2719
1913ROBISON & NORMANFlorrie219
1918ROBISON & NORMANFlorrie1900
1918ROBISON & NORMANFlorrie2099
1920ROBISON & NORMANFlorrie2318
1923ROBISON & NORMANFlorrie2966
1913ROBISON & NORMANHughie230
1914ROBISON & NORMANHughie369
1918ROBISON & NORMANHughie1812
1918ROBISON & NORMANHughie2100
1920ROBISON & NORMANHughie2325
1921ROBISON & NORMANHughie2630
1923ROBISON & NORMANHughie2968
1913ROBISON & NORMANLassie218
1913ROBISON & NORMANMaggie217
1920ROBISON & NORMANMaggie2323
1918ROBISON & NORMANMarguerite1820
1918ROBISON & NORMANMarguerite Ethelnot granted
1918ROBISON & NORMANMina2093
1920ROBISON & NORMANMina2316
1921ROBISON & NORMANMina 2662
1913ROBISON & NORMANMinnie220
1914ROBISON & NORMANMinnie366
1920ROBISON & NORMANMinnie2321
1913ROBISON & NORMANMuriel225
1918ROBISON & NORMANMyrtle2205
1918ROBISON & NORMANMyrtle 1818
1913ROBISON & NORMANNarelle216
1918ROBISON & NORMANNarelle2098
1913ROBISON & NORMANPaton231
1914ROBISON & NORMANPaton372
1918ROBISON & NORMANPaton1817
1918ROBISON & NORMANPaton2204
1922ROBISON & NORMANPaton2718
1913ROBISON & NORMANPearlie224
1914ROBISON & NORMANPearlie363
1918ROBISON & NORMANPearlie1807
1918ROBISON & NORMANPearlie2094
1920ROBISON & NORMANPearlie2324
1923ROBISON & NORMANPearlie2963
1918ROBISON & NORMANPetina1806
1918ROBISON & NORMANPetina2091
1920ROBISON & NORMANPetina2317
1923ROBISON & NORMANPetina2962
1913ROBISON & NORMANPetrel226
1914ROBISON & NORMANPetrel370
1918ROBISON & NORMANPetrel1813
1918ROBISON & NORMANPetrel2201
1920ROBISON & NORMANPetrel2326
1921ROBISON & NORMANPetrel2631
1923ROBISON & NORMANPetrel2969
1913ROBISON & NORMANQueenslander233
1914ROBISON & NORMANQueenslander374
1918ROBISON & NORMANQueenslander1814
1920ROBISON & NORMANRita2319
1913ROBISON & NORMANRobison228
1914ROBISON & NORMANRobison367
1916ROBISON & NORMANRobison1409
1918ROBISON & NORMANRobison1810
1918ROBISON & NORMANRobison2097
1920ROBISON & NORMANRobison2322
1921ROBISON & NORMANRobison2628
1923ROBISON & NORMANRobison2965
1916ROBISON & NORMAN Aggie801
1925ROBISON & NORMAN Aggie3362
1926ROBISON & NORMAN Aggie1371
1922ROBISON & NORMAN Beryl2712
1924ROBISON & NORMAN Beryl3141
1925ROBISON & NORMAN Beryl3352
1926ROBISON & NORMAN Beryl1368
1916ROBISON & NORMAN Boyd799
1922ROBISON & NORMAN Boyd2714
1924ROBISON & NORMAN Boyd3144
1925ROBISON & NORMAN Boyd3355
1926ROBISON & NORMAN Boyd1369
1916ROBISON & NORMAN Connie796
1920ROBISON & NORMAN Edgar Norman2328
1921ROBISON & NORMAN Edgar Norman2632
1923ROBISON & NORMAN Edgar Norman2971
1924ROBISON & NORMAN Edgar Norman3147
1925ROBISON & NORMAN Edgar Norman3358
1926ROBISON & NORMAN Edgar Norman1366
1926ROBISON & NORMAN Ena3614
1917ROBISON & NORMAN Era1631
1920ROBISON & NORMAN Esquimaux2331
1921ROBISON & NORMAN Esquimaux2634
1923ROBISON & NORMAN Esquimaux2974
1924ROBISON & NORMAN Esquimaux3150
1925ROBISON & NORMAN Esquimaux3361
1926ROBISON & NORMAN Esquimaux1367
1916ROBISON & NORMAN Florrie802
1924ROBISON & NORMAN Florrie3143
1925ROBISON & NORMAN Florrie3354
1926ROBISON & NORMAN Florrie3615
1916ROBISON & NORMAN Hughie800
1922ROBISON & NORMAN Hughie2715
1924ROBISON & NORMAN Hughie3146
1925ROBISON & NORMAN Hughie3357
1926ROBISON & NORMAN Hughie1373
1916ROBISON & NORMAN Maggie982
1916ROBISON & NORMAN Mina794
1922ROBISON & NORMAN Mina2720
1916ROBISON & NORMAN Minnie798
1924ROBISON & NORMAN Minnie3140
1926ROBISON & NORMAN Minnie1365
1924ROBISON & NORMAN Myrtle3149
1925ROBISON & NORMAN Myrtle3360
1926ROBISON & NORMAN Myrtle1374
1923ROBISON & NORMAN Myrtle 2973
1920ROBISON & NORMAN Mytle2330
1916ROBISON & NORMAN Narelle943
1920ROBISON & NORMAN Paton2329
1921ROBISON & NORMAN Paton2633
1923ROBISON & NORMAN Paton2972
1924ROBISON & NORMAN Paton3148
1925ROBISON & NORMAN Paton3359
1926ROBISON & NORMAN Paton1370
1916ROBISON & NORMAN Pearlie795
1916ROBISON & NORMAN Petina803
1924ROBISON & NORMAN Petina3151
1925ROBISON & NORMAN Petina3351
1926ROBISON & NORMAN Petina1364
1922ROBISON & NORMAN Petrel2716
1924ROBISON & NORMAN Petrel3145
1925ROBISON & NORMAN Petrel3356
1926ROBISON & NORMAN Petrel3557
1916ROBISON & NORMAN Rita797
1922ROBISON & NORMAN Robison2713
1924ROBISON & NORMAN Robison3142
1925ROBISON & NORMAN Robison3353
1926ROBISON & NORMAN Robison1372
1913RODGERS Cecil RobertCommonwealth170
1914RODGERS Cecil RobertCommonwealth493
1913RODRIGUEZ FilomenaAurora159
1914RODRIGUEZ FilomenaAurora573
1915RODRIGUEZ FilomenaAurora696
1916RODRIGUEZ FilomenaAurora948
1917RODRIGUEZ FilomenaAurora1616
1921RODRIGUEZ FilomenaDona Matilda2661
1922RODRIGUEZ FilomenaDona Matilda2867
1913RODRIGUEZ FilomenaFleetwing160
1914RODRIGUEZ FilomenaFleetwing574
1915RODRIGUEZ FilomenaFleetwing697
1916RODRIGUEZ FilomenaFleetwing949
1917RODRIGUEZ FilomenaFleetwing1617
1918RODRIGUEZ FilomenaFleetwing1980
1918RODRIGUEZ FilomenaFleetwing1758
1920RODRIGUEZ FilomenaFleetwing2261
1913RODRIGUEZ FilomenaVoladora158
1914RODRIGUEZ FilomenaVoladora572
1915RODRIGUEZ FilomenaVoladora695
1916RODRIGUEZ FilomenaVoladora949
1917RODRIGUEZ FilomenaVoladora1615
1918RODRIGUEZ JWDona Matilda1979
1913RODRIGUEZ Maud GDona Matilda152
1914RODRIGUEZ Maud GDona Matilda575
1915RODRIGUEZ Maud GDona Matilda698
1916RODRIGUEZ Maud GDona Matilda950
1917RODRIGUEZ Maud GDona Matilda1618
1918RODRIGUEZ Maud GDona Matilda1759
1920RODRIGUEZ Maud GDona Matilda2262
1925ROE DouglasEva1314
1921ROE DouglasFrank2692
1922ROE DouglasFrank2819
1923ROE DouglasFrank3050
1926ROE DouglasGitana3612
1924ROE DouglasIntombi3184
1921ROE DouglasWinnie2691
1922ROE DouglasWinnie2818
1923ROE DouglasWinnie3049
1924ROE DouglasWinnie3185
1925ROE DouglasWinnie1313
1926ROE DouglasWinnie3613
1916RUSSELL Alfred GeorgeOrontes1417
1917RUSSELL Alfred GeorgeOrontes1562
1915RUSSELL Alfred GeorgeThe Gerald729
1916RUSSELL Alfred GeorgeThe Gerald945
1917RUSSELL Alfred GeorgeThe Gerald1563
1913RUSSELL Marion FrancesAlpha259
1914RUSSELL Marion FrancesAlpha539
1916RUSSELL Marion FrancesAlpha862
1913RUSSELL Marion FrancesEagle258
1914RUSSELL Marion FrancesEagle540
1915RUSSELL Marion Frances Alpha684
1915RUSSELL Marion Frances Eagle685
1926SAUNDERS Albert BarnettEnid1357
1913SCANLAN Michael JosephBritannia316
1913SCANLAN Michael JosephBritannia146
1918SCANLAN Michael JosephBritannia1800
1913SCANLAN Michael JosephKarrakatta147
1913SCANLAN Michael JosephKarrakatta315
1916SCANLAN Michael JosephKarrakatta913
1918SCANLAN Michael JosephKarrakatta1801
1916SCANLAN Michael JosephLeo1000
1913SCANLON Michael JosephVeronica314
1913SCANLON Michael JosephVeronica148
1915SCANLON Michael JosephVeronica726
1916SCANLON Michael JosephVeronica1579
1918SCANLON Michael JosephVeronica1802
1913SCHACHTSCHABEL Carl ACossack171
1914SCHACHTSCHABEL Carl ACossack449
1915SCHACHTSCHABEL Carl ACossack711
1925SCHLEICHER Joseph CharlesEric1330
1926SCHLEICHER Joseph CharlesEric3581
1925SCHLEICHER Walter JamesRetreat1331
1926SCHLEICHER Walter JamesRetreat3585
1913SERRA JohnAppollo91
1915SERRA John Appollo636
1914SERRA John Appollo327
1915SERRA John Heath637
1916SEWELL HerbertAmy1483
1916SEWELL HerbertAmy860
1920SEWELL HerbertAmy2334
1913SEWELL HerbertBallie 302
1913SEWELL HerbertBallie 67
1916SEWELL HerbertBallie 1482
1916SEWELL HerbertBallie 859
1913SEWELL HerbertEric301
1916SEWELL HerbertEric1481
1916SEWELL HerbertEric858
1918SEWELL HerbertEric1992
1918SEWELL HerbertEric1766
1913SEWELL HerbertEve66
1922SINCLAIR DuncanMars2873
1923SINCLAIR DuncanMars2943
1924SINCLAIR DuncanMars3180
1925SINCLAIR DuncanMars1310
1913SINCLAIR DuncanMcLhennan251
1914SINCLAIR DuncanMcLhennan413
1924SLATTERY Robert JamesRaff3088
1925SLATTERY Robert JamesRaff3266
1916SMITH Patrick JamesMoana941
1918SMITH Patrick JamesMoana1767
1918SMITH Patrick JamesMoana?
1920SMITH Patrick JamesMoana2469
1922SOHLEICHER Walter JamesRetreat2784
1923SOHLEICHER Walter JamesRetreat3054
1924SOHLEICHER Walter JamesRetreat3228
1918SQUIRES William JIda 1972
1915SQUIRES William JLa Mascotte713
1916SQUIRES William JLa Mascotte1619
1917SQUIRES William JLa Mascotte1619
1918SQUIRES William JLa Mascotte1918
1918SQUIRES William JLa Mascotte1719
1918SQUIRES William JTuirefused
1921STAINTON Ernest NormanBarbara2573
1922STAINTON Ernest NormanBarbara2761
1923STAINTON Ernest NormanBarbara3055
1924STAINTON Ernest NormanBarbara3194
1925STAINTON Ernest NormanBarbara1312
1926STAINTON Ernest NormanBarbara3591
1914STAR PEARLING CoBlanche411
1915STAR PEARLING CoBlanche723
1913STAR PEARLING CoFanny190
1914STAR PEARLING CoFanny408
1915STAR PEARLING CoFanny 724
1915STAR PEARLING CoLexy 722
1913STAR PEARLING CoQueen192
1914STAR PEARLING CoQueen410
1915STAR PEARLING CoQueen721
1914STEINBERG SolomonBounce589
1918STEPHENS Robert JamesFanny1959
1920STEPHENS Robert JamesFanny2380
1921STEPHENS Robert JamesFanny2554
1922STEPHENS Robert JamesFanny2855
1923STEPHENS Robert JamesFanny3005
1924STEPHENS Robert JamesFanny3230
1925STEPHENS Robert JamesFanny1311
1916STEPHENS Robert JamesSalatuad961
1925STEPHENS Robert JamesSalatuad3328
1913STEWART CourtneyLeo89
1913STOCKTON MaudeWallal265
1914STOCKTON MaudeWallal567
1915STOCKTON MaudeWallal718
1918STREETER & MALE Asahi1723
1920STREETER & MALE Asahi2295
1923STREETER & MALE Australind3031
1924STREETER & MALE Australind3114
1925STREETER & MALE Australind3221
1926STREETER & MALE Australind3501
1913STREETER & MALE Barbara40
1913STREETER & MALE Broome38
1913STREETER & MALE Broome321
1915STREETER & MALE Broome622
1916STREETER & MALE Broome844
1918STREETER & MALE Broome1728
1918STREETER & MALE Broome2000
1920STREETER & MALE Broome2290
1921STREETER & MALE Broome2531
1922STREETER & MALE Broome2835
1923STREETER & MALE Broome3024
1924STREETER & MALE Broome3107
1925STREETER & MALE Broome3314
1926STREETER & MALE Broome1394
1916STREETER & MALE Bunbury847
1918STREETER & MALE Bunbury1731
1918STREETER & MALE Bunbury2003
1925STREETER & MALE Colarmie3311
1926STREETER & MALE Colarmie1391
1918STREETER & MALE Dona Francis1736
1918STREETER & MALE Dona Francis2008
1915STREETER & MALE Dorothy625
1918STREETER & MALE E.V.E.1733
1918STREETER & MALE E.V.E.2005
1923STREETER & MALE Eos3028
1924STREETER & MALE Eos3111
1925STREETER & MALE Eos3318
1926STREETER & MALE Eos1398
1926STREETER & MALE Eva1392
1916STREETER & MALE Flores842
1918STREETER & MALE Flores1726
1918STREETER & MALE Flores1998
1920STREETER & MALE Flores2288
1921STREETER & MALE Flores2529
1922STREETER & MALE Flores2833
1923STREETER & MALE Flores3022
1925STREETER & MALE Flores3315
1926STREETER & MALE Flores1395
1924STREETER & MALE Gitana3105
1925STREETER & MALE Gitana3312
1921STREETER & MALE Gloria2534
1922STREETER & MALE Gloria2842
1923STREETER & MALE Gloria3027
1924STREETER & MALE Gloria3110
1925STREETER & MALE Gloria3317
1926STREETER & MALE Gloria1397
1918STREETER & MALE Gypsy1724
1918STREETER & MALE Gypsy1996
1920STREETER & MALE Gypsy2296
1921STREETER & MALE Gypsy2535
1922STREETER & MALE Gypsy2839
1916STREETER & MALE Heath851
1921STREETER & MALE Heath2537
1922STREETER & MALE Heath2841
1918STREETER & MALE Heath 2007
1920STREETER & MALE Heath 2298
1918STREETER & MALE Intombi2004
1925STREETER & MALE Intombi3319
1926STREETER & MALE Intombi1399
1916STREETER & MALE Intombi 841
1923STREETER & MALE Joan of Arc3030
1924STREETER & MALE Joan of Arc3113
1918STREETER & MALE Kathleen2009
1920STREETER & MALE Kathleen2299
1921STREETER & MALE Kathleen2538
1916STREETER & MALE Kathleen 840
1918STREETER & MALE Kea1725
1918STREETER & MALE Kea1997
1915STREETER & MALE Lottie628
1916STREETER & MALE Lottie850
1916STREETER & MALE Mariana839
1913STREETER & MALE Mitchell39
1913STREETER & MALE Mitchell322
1915STREETER & MALE Mitchell623
1920STREETER & MALE Mitchell2292
1921STREETER & MALE Mitchell2532
1922STREETER & MALE Mitchell2836
1923STREETER & MALE Mitchell3025
1924STREETER & MALE Mitchell3108
1916STREETER & MALE Mitchell 845
1918STREETER & MALE Mitchell 1729
1918STREETER & MALE Mitchell 2001
1918STREETER & MALE Muriel1738
1918STREETER & MALE Muriel2010
1920STREETER & MALE Muriel2287
1923STREETER & MALE Muriel3021
1924STREETER & MALE Muriel3115
1925STREETER & MALE Muriel3310
1926STREETER & MALE Muriel1390
1921STREETER & MALE Muriel 2528
1922STREETER & MALE Muriel 2832
1916STREETER & MALE New Moon843
1918STREETER & MALE New Moon1727
1918STREETER & MALE New Moon1999
1920STREETER & MALE New Moon2289
1921STREETER & MALE New Moon2530
1922STREETER & MALE New Moon2834
1923STREETER & MALE New Moon3023
1924STREETER & MALE New Moon3016
1925STREETER & MALE New Moon3313
1926STREETER & MALE New Moon1393
1918STREETER & MALE Petrel1995
1920STREETER & MALE Petrel2294
1921STREETER & MALE Petrel2533
1922STREETER & MALE Petrel2838
1916STREETER & MALE Spider852
1918STREETER & MALE Spider1737
1913STREETER & MALE Spinifex323
1915STREETER & MALE Spinifex624
1916STREETER & MALE Spinifex846
1918STREETER & MALE Spinifex1730
1918STREETER & MALE Spinifex2002
1920STREETER & MALE Spinifex2293
1922STREETER & MALE Teddy Volney2837
1923STREETER & MALE Teddy Volney3026
1924STREETER & MALE Teddy Volney3109
1925STREETER & MALE Teddy Volney3316
1926STREETER & MALE Teddy Volney1396
1918STREETER & MALE Tifera1735
1916STREETER & MALE Tui848
1918STREETER & MALE Tui1732
1915STREETER & MALE Tui 626
1918STREETER & MALE Wallal1734
1918STREETER & MALE Wallal2006
1920STREETER & MALE Wallal2297
1921STREETER & MALE Wallal2536
1922STREETER & MALE Wallal2840
1923STREETER & MALE Wallal3029
1924STREETER & MALE Wallal3112
1925STREETER & MALE Wallal3320
1926STREETER & MALE Wallal1400
1916STREETER & MALE Wallal 998
1916SUTHERLAND GeorgeSouthern Cross779
1916SUTHERLAND GeorgeSouthern Cross779
1917SUTHERLAND GeorgeSouthern Cross1478
1918SUTHERLAND GeorgeSouthern Cross1981
1918SUTHERLAND GeorgeSouthern Cross1705
1920SUTHERLAND, GeorgeSouthern Cross2351
1921SUTHERLAND, GeorgeSouthern Cross2604
1926SVENSSON Aron Edwin CDove3504
1926SVENSSON Aron Edwin CMyrtle Olga 3505
1926SVENSSON Aron Edwin CRaff3503
1925SVENSSON Aron Edwin CRex1325
1926SVENSSON Aron Edwin CRex3502
1918SYDNEY & PRYORPatience1804
1914TALBOYS Douglas HarryBintang598
1916TALBOYS Douglas HarryBintang938
1918TALBOYS Douglas HarryBintang1907
1920TALBOYS Douglas HarryBintang2429
1921TALBOYS Douglas HarryBintang2542
1922TALBOYS Douglas HarryBintang2270
1923TALBOYS Douglas HarryBintang3002
1924TALBOYS Douglas HarryBintang3222
1925TALBOYS Douglas HarryBintang3367
1926TALBOYS Douglas HarryBintang3582
1913TALBOYS Douglas HarryDouglas235
1914TALBOYS Douglas HarryDouglas550
1916TALBOYS Douglas HarryDouglas939
1918TALBOYS Douglas HarryDouglas1909
1918TALBOYS Douglas HarryDouglas1747
1920TALBOYS Douglas HarryDouglas2427
1925TALBOYS Douglas HarryDouglas1352
1926TALBOYS Douglas HarryDouglas3584
1926TALBOYS Douglas HarryEileen3634
1913TALBOYS Douglas HarryGladys Olive236
1913TALBOYS Douglas HarryMavis237
1914TALBOYS Douglas HarryMavis551
1915TALBOYS Douglas HarryMavis671
1916TALBOYS Douglas HarryMavis940
1918TALBOYS Douglas HarryMavis1908
1918TALBOYS Douglas HarryMavis1746
1920TALBOYS Douglas HarryMavis2428
1923TALBOYS Douglas HarryMavis?
1924TALBOYS Douglas HarryMavis3223
1925TALBOYS Douglas HarryMavis3368
1926TALBOYS Douglas HarryMavis3583
1918TALBOYS Douglas HarrySpider1942
1920TALBOYS Douglas HarrySpider2305
1913TAYLOR John JamesMars99
1914TAYLOR John JamesPatience 594
1923TAYLOR Robert HaroldKarrakatta3067
1920TAYLOR Robert HaroldLawrence2301
1921TAYLOR Robert HaroldLawrence2524
1922TAYLOR Robert HaroldLawrence2843
1925TAYLOR Robert HaroldLawrence3394
1926TAYLOR Robert HaroldLawrence3509
1913TAYLOR Samuel PetrieMariana181
1914TAYLOR Samuel PetrieMariana494
1916TAYLOR Samuel PetrieMariana1564
1922TAYLOR William InnesDona Verona2823
1923TAYLOR William InnesDona Verona3017
1924TAYLOR William InnesDona Verona3199
1925TAYLOR William InnesDona Verona1326
1926TAYLOR William InnesDona Verona3552
1926TAYLOR William InnesFlorrie3553
1924TAYLOR William InnesOberon3200
1925TAYLOR William InnesOberon1327
1920TAYLOR, John HectorTui2300
1921TAYLOR, John HectorTui2664
1914TERRA* JohnHeath328
1917THOMAS GeorgeAda Williams1444
1918THOMAS GeorgeCecilsee fwd
1918THOMAS GeorgeCecil1912
1920THOMAS GeorgeCecil2257
1921THOMAS GeorgeCecil2527
1915THOMAS GeorgeCecil 719
1916THOMAS GeorgeCecil 835
1914THOMPSON AWMAndrew515
1916THOMPSON ThomasAda Williams960
1916THOMPSON ThomasAda Williams1429
1918THOMPSON ThomasAda Williams1774
1918THOMPSON ThomasAda Williams2011
1920THOMPSON ThomasAda Williams2267
1921THOMPSON ThomasAda Williams2540
1925TILLY James W & CoBossat3349
1913TILLY James W & CoBossut169
1914TILLY James W & CoBossut381
1915TILLY James W & CoBossut634
1916TILLY James W & CoBossut857
1917TILLY James W & CoBossut1447
1918TILLY James W & CoBossut1749
1919TILLY James W & CoBossut2209
1920TILLY James W & CoBossut2445
1921TILLY James W & CoBossut2645
1922TILLY James W & CoBossut2775
1923TILLY James W & CoBossut2955
1924TILLY James W & CoBossut3217
1926TILLY James W & CoBossut1360
1913TILLY James W & CoEndeavour167
1914TILLY James W & CoEndeavour379
1915TILLY James W & CoEndeavour632
1916TILLY James W & CoEndeavour855
1917TILLY James W & CoEndeavour1445
1918TILLY James W & CoMariana1750
1919TILLY James W & CoMariana2211
1920TILLY James W & CoMariana2446
1921TILLY James W & CoMariana2646
1922TILLY James W & CoMariana2773
1923TILLY James W & CoMariana2953
1924TILLY James W & CoMariana3215
1925TILLY James W & CoMariana3347
1926TILLY James W & CoMariana1358
1913TILLY James W & CoReliance168
1914TILLY James W & CoReliance380
1915TILLY James W & CoReliance633
1916TILLY James W & CoReliance856
1917TILLY James W & CoReliance1446
1918TILLY James W & CoReliance1748
1919TILLY James W & CoReliance2210
1920TILLY James W & CoReliance2444
1921TILLY James W & CoReliance2644
1922TILLY James W & CoReliance2774
1923TILLY James W & CoReliance2954
1924TILLY James W & CoReliance3216
1925TILLY James W & CoReliance3348
1926TILLY James W & CoReliance1359
1914TOLMER BrosBarbara477
1915TOLMER BrosBarbara687
1916TOLMER BrosBarbara986
1916TOLMER BrosBarbara984
1918TOLMER BrosBarbara1895
1914TOLMER BrosMossie476
1915TOLMER BrosMossie686
1916TOLMER BrosMossie865
1918TOLMER BrosMossie1894
1916TOLMER BrosRex1430
1913TOLMER Herbert AlexanderMossie161
1921TOLMER Herbert AlexanderMossie2612
1922TOLMER Herbert AlexanderMossie2740
1923TOLMER Herbert AlexanderMossie2921
1924TOLMER Herbert AlexanderMossie3186
1925TOLMER Herbert AlexanderMossie3333
1926TOLMER Herbert AlexanderMossie3534
1921TOLMER Herbert AlexanderThistle2613
1922TOLMER Herbert AlexanderThistle2741
1923TOLMER Herbert AlexanderThistle2992
1925TOLMER Herbert AlexanderThistle3332
1926TOLMER Herbert AlexanderThistle3535
1915TOWNSEND Edith MaryBetty656
1916TOWNSEND Edith MaryBetty975
1921TOWNSEND Edith MaryBetty2603
1914TOWNSEND Edith MaryBetty 503
1920TOWNSEND Edith MaryBetty 2266
1918TOWNSEND M & ELLIESBetty 1921
1914TUCKETT Richard Joseph & CoJohn de Baun444
1914ULBRICK AntonAnnie577
1914ULBRICK AntonCleopatra576
1914ULBRICK AntonJanet578
1913URE ThomasHenry210
1913WALKER Richard StanleyCecil163
1914WALKER Richard StanleyCecil344
1914WALKLATE Eric GarfieldAmy403
1921WALKLATE Eric GarfieldAmy2668
1913WALLACE Walter Gem283
1913WALLACE Walter Laura282
1914WALSH Charles ThomasBella397
1917WALSH Charles ThomasBella1489
1918WALSH Charles ThomasBella1789
1922WARD & WILSONDominion2857
1920WARD AgnesBunbury2350
1921WARD AgnesBunbury2611
1922WARD AgnesBunbury2850
1923WARD AgnesBunbury2918
1924WARD AgnesBunbury3188
1925WARD AgnesBunbury3297
1926WARD AgnesBunbury3580
1923WARD AgnesDominion2919
1925WARD AgnesJohn de Baun3298
1914WARD William Alfred Eva456
1914WARD William Alfred Vera455
1913WARTON LawrenceAmethyst201
1913WARTON LawrenceAmethyst 297
1913WARTON LawrenceBeryl200
1926WATSON William H MacarthyCleopatra3520
1926WATSON William H MacarthyJoan of Arc3521
1926WATSON William H MacarthyMitchell3522
1916WHITE Robert and AnnieBintang Putch905
1918WHITE Robert and AnnieBintang Putch1702
1919WHITE Robert and AnnieBintang Putch2047
1920WHITE Robert and AnnieBintang Putch2499
1921WHITE Robert and AnnieBintang Putch2575
1922WHITE Robert and AnnieBintang Putch2767
1923WHITE Robert and AnnieBintang Putch3033
1924WHITE Robert and AnnieBintang Putch3085
1925WHITE Robert and AnnieBintang Putch3374
1926WHITE Robert and AnnieBintang Putch3506
1916WHITE Robert and AnnieBlanche903
1920WHITE Robert and AnnieFrosty2520
1921WHITE Robert and AnnieFrosty2663
1923WHITE Robert and AnnieHarriet3034
1924WHITE Robert and AnnieHarriet3084
1925WHITE Robert and AnnieHarriet3375
1926WHITE Robert and AnnieHarriet3507
1913WILLIAMS Daniel AlexanderMargery277
1913WILLIAMS ThomasEthel304
1913WILLIAMS ThomasEthel1
1915WILLIAMS ThomasEthel618
1916WILLIAMS ThomasEthel863
1913WILLIAMS ThomasMaggie305
1913WILLIAMS ThomasMaggie3
1915WILLIAMS ThomasMaggie619
1916WILLIAMS ThomasMaggie864
1913WILLIAMS ThomasMary306
1913WILLIAMS ThomasMary2
1915WILLIAMS ThomasMary694
1916WILLIAMS ThomasMary865
1919WILLIAMS Walter WilliamGondolier2049
1920WILLIAMS Walter WilliamGondolier2286
1921WILLIAMS Walter WilliamGondolier2543
1919WILLIAMS Walter WilliamRuby2050
1920WILLIAMS Walter WilliamRuby 2291
1913WILLICK Herbert RoyIdalia234
1913WILLICK Herbert RoyLottie late Idaha330
1921WILSON & GREGORYIdelia2608
1922WILSON & GREGORYIdelia2732
1913WILSON HaroldIvy32
1914WILSON HaroldIvy446
1913WITHERS Miss LizzieLeighton34
1913WITHERS Miss LizzieLeighton339
1915WITHERS Miss LizzieLeighton653
1916WITHERS Miss LizzieLeighton833
1916WITHERS Miss LizzieLeighton1424
1918WITHERS Miss LizzieLeighton1931
1918WITHERS Miss LizzieLeighton1710
1920WITHERS Miss LizzieLeighton2424
1915WITHERS Miss LizzieOnie late Whiteboy771
1913WITHERS Miss LizzieSwan341
1915WITHERS Miss LizzieSwan669
1916WITHERS Miss LizzieSwan834
1918WITHERS Miss LizzieSwan1933
1920WITHERS Miss LizzieSwan2426
1921WITHERS Miss LizzieSwan2548
1922WITHERS Miss LizzieSwan2875
1923WITHERS Miss LizzieSwan3019
1924WITHERS Miss LizzieSwan3128
1925WITHERS Miss LizzieSwan3201
1913WITHERS Miss LizzieWhiteboy33
1913WITHERS Miss LizzieWhiteboy340
1918WITHERS Miss LizzieWhiteboy1932
1920WITHERS Miss LizzieWhiteboy2425
1921WITHERS Miss LizzieWhiteboy2547
1922WITHERS Miss LizzieWhiteboy2874
1923WITHERS Miss LizzieWhiteboy3018
1924WITHERS Miss LizzieWhiteboy3127
1925WITHERS Miss LizzieWhiteboy3200
1925WITHNELL, Noel ErnestKea3371
1926WITHNELL, Noel ErnestKea3523
1913WOO Ah aka (Chong)Elizabeth295
1913WOO Ah aka (Chong)Elizabeth295
1914WOO Ah aka (Chong)Elizabethno fees
1914WOO Ah aka (Chong)Elizabeth 532
1915WOO Ah aka (Chong)Elizabeth 770
1916WOO Ah aka (Chong)Elizabeth 988
1913WOO Ah aka (Chong)Thistle296
1914WOO Ah aka (Chong)Thistle533
1914WOO Ah aka (Chong)Thistleno fees
1913WOO Ah aka (Chong)Thistle 296
1913YEE Ah Ching Rosarefused
1913YEE Ah Ching Southern Cross refused